Discover Why VeChain (VET) is Poised for Explosive Growth!

In his latest episode of The Daily Crypto News, Dusty discussed Vechain (VET) and its recent partnerships and developments in industries such as biofuels, traceability solutions for milk and wine, and carbon accounting. Vechain has already established major partnerships with big names including PWC, Renault and BMW, and has even acquired a sponsorship with UFC worth over $100 million. While Vechain is not one of the top 10 coins, its partnerships and developments have gained traction in Asia and Dusty believes it is important to understand why he is still holding this crypto and why he is excited about its future prospects.

The Importance of V Chain Partnerships in the Crypto Space


Hey guys, what is up? It’s Dusty here and welcome back to another episode of The Daily Crypto News. Today, I have to tell you guys about one of my all-time favorite cryptos that is called V Chain (VET).

Vision’s Partnerships

Vision has been going through a lot of different partnerships through the last couple of years. Hopefully, you guys are all aware of what they’ve been doing. But over the last couple of days, I’ve also been scouting and seeing just left, right, left, right all these new announcements.

UCO Network Partnership

V Chain has partnered with UCO Network to build blockchain infrastructure for the biofuel sector. UCO Network is the first blockchain-based ESD focused biofuel platform, and it provides used cooking oil traceability solutions with a focus on automatic compliance with the European Union’s renewable energy directive. The platform uses a combination of blockchain and IoT technologies, mitigating the risk of using or used cooking oil supply chain fraud.

POA 2.0 and V Thor

In addition, the POA consensus mechanism from V Chain also addresses UCO Networks’ concerns of inefficient upgrade processes and wasteful uses of energy, making it much more user-friendly. V Chain has already established several new partnerships over the past few months, including True Trace Orion, Amazon Web Services, PWC, NRCC, Renault, and BMW.

V Chain’s Sustainability Efforts

V Chain has been doing this for a very long time, looking at different industries that need some sort of upgrade or could use some sort of upgrade in the traceability, sustainability, or supply chain as a concept. V Chain provides that, and they provide that really freaking well. They have major partnerships with PWC, NRCC, Renault, and BMW, among others.

Vision and Milk

For example, they have a partnership with Walmart China regarding milk. They have a traceability solution with wine. It’s all regarding supply chain, and that has to do with the fact that you want to make sure that whatever you’ve gotten is authentic and can be traced back to the original source.

V Chain’s Carbon Accounting SAS Platform

V Chain has also introduced V Carbon, a revolutionary blockchain-powered carbon accounting SAS platform built on the V10 tour blockchain. V Carbon will help governments and enterprises achieve carbon neutrality emissions targets and sustainability goals.


In conclusion, V Chain’s partnerships are some of the craziest and most impressive in the crypto space, especially in terms of supply chain management. They provide a lot of different things for a lot of different parties out there. As a result, V Chain is a crypto that investors should keep an eye on in the future.

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