Discover Why This Crypto Became My Sole Passive Income Investment

The author spent $10,000 on Element United, a blockchain project digitizing gold and other precious metals in partnership with gold mines to keep the resources in the ground. This allows them to create an ecosystem with an element token for virtual mining with daily rewards. The author believes in the project’s potential to earn substantial gains in their portfolio with passive income. Element United’s nodes are essential for transactions, securing information, and building the network, and node-hosting is one of the best ways to earn passive income in crypto. The author bought four nodes, as they think digitizing assets is one of the most valuable features of blockchain.


Investing in the blockchain industry can be a risky endeavor, especially considering recent market conditions. However, one investor recently spent $10,000 on a new project called Element United, despite the downturn in the crypto market. This article explores why they chose to invest in this specific project and the significance of digitizing assets.

What is Element United?

Element United is a blockchain project that aims to digitize real-world assets, specifically gold and precious metals in the ground. By partnering with gold mines, Element United plans to create an ecosystem that allows for ownership of these assets to be represented as digital rewards stored on the blockchain.

The Significance of Digitizing Assets

Digitizing assets is the process of representing ownership of real-world assets as digital rewards stored on the blockchain. As we are seeing in the real estate market, this can provide fractional ownership opportunities for assets that may have been unaffordable or inaccessible to some buyers. In the case of Element United, digitizing gold mining can potentially reduce carbon emissions and save lives. As 50% of all gold mined in the world is used for stored value, digitizing these assets could prevent damage to the environment and local communities.

The Role of Element United’s Nodes

Nodes are essential for some cryptos to run and they’re the foundation of a crypto’s blockchain. Element United is using nodes to validate transactions, secure information, and build the network from which everything is to be built on. For purchasers or mines that host these nodes, they receive daily rewards in this case the element token. These node rewards can be exchanged for physical gold coming from mines the element is partnered with. Element United has chosen to limit the availability of nodes to 100,000, with 80,000 available for public sale and 20,000 used to secure partnerships with the gold mines.

The Value of Element United’s Nodes

Investing in nodes can be one of the best ways to make passive income in crypto. Even if the token price is low, the value of the rewards over time can accumulate significantly. The investor in this YouTube video bought four Element United nodes and sees digitizing assets as one of the most valuable features of the blockchain. By owning Element United nodes, they hope to accrue as many element tokens as possible and believe that the token’s value will increase over time.


In conclusion, Element United is a blockchain project that aims to digitize gold and precious metals in the ground through an ecosystem of nodes. This allows for the representation of ownership of these assets through digital rewards stored on the blockchain. By investing in nodes, investors can potentially make passive income while supporting a project that has the potential to save lives and the environment.

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