“Discover Why I Refuse to Sell My GALA – Secrets Unveiled on Gala Games, Gala Film, and Gala Music”

The author argues that they will never sell all of their Gala tokens for three reasons. Firstly, the Gala games industry is growing rapidly and projected to exceed 3 billion gamers by next year. Additionally, gaming can reduce stress and provide opportunities to earn money through play-to-earned games. Secondly, the author praises the leadership of Gala games, specifically CEO Eric Schermeyer, who has experience leading successful gaming projects and has not given up on Gala games despite the current bear market. Lastly, the author points to the collaboration between Gala games and Will Wright to create Vox versus the Metaverse, which has potential to tap into the projected $5 trillion metaverse industry.

Why I am Never Selling all of My Gala Tokens


Gala Games has been making waves in the crypto world, and as a token holder, I have never considered selling all of my Gala tokens. Here are the reasons why.

Reason 1: Gala Games and the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has almost doubled in size in the past five years despite pandemics and recessions. The industry continues to prosper, moving forward, and has almost reached 3 billion gamers worldwide. The Gala ecosystem includes Gala film and Gala music; however, the Gala games have the most promise. Playing games is entertaining and offers a chance for people to de-stress and rejuvenate themselves. Besides, playing games can reduce stress through dopamine secretion, creating a flow state, and presenting challenges and rewards.

Reason 2: Leadership

Eric Schermeyer is the CEO of Gala games, a legend, and a genius in the gaming industry. He co-founded Zynga, the company behind Farmville, which had over 80 million active users per month at its peak. The leadership of a crypto project is the most critical factor, and Eric Schermeyer has the experience, know-how, and mentality of a winner. He is not the type of CEO who gets an adrenaline rush from hype and knows how to navigate through bear markets.

Reason 3: Vox Versus the Metaverse

Gala games is collaborating with Will Wright, the mastermind behind The Sims, to create Vox Versus, a metaverse based on Gala games’s Vox NFTs. The metaverse industry is projected to be worth nearly 5 trillion dollars by 2030, offering vast potential for growth.

Conclusion: Keep Holding Your Gala Tokens

In conclusion, I will never sell all of my Gala tokens as the gaming industry and metaverse offer incredible growth potential, and Gala games has the leadership and expertise to navigate the market. Besides, playing games can reduce stress and offer a chance to de-stress. So, hold on tight to your Gala tokens and enjoy the ride!

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