Discover why BitBoy embraces maximalism and why he firmly believes that Bitcoin is the standard.

The content is a video of an individual named Ben at the Bitcoin conference in Miami. Ben discusses his excitement for the conference and announces that his company, Bitcoi, will be present. He also talks about his experiences at the conference, including doing interviews and attending events. Ben believes that Bitcoin is the standard for cryptocurrencies and believes in its adoption, but also loves all coins. He discusses the Bitcoin maximalist movement and believes that full adoption of Bitcoin will take 10 to 25 years. Ben plans to attend a Bitcoin networking party and give out wizard hats to attendees.

Bed with Crypto’s Ben Reports Live from the Bitcoin Conference in Miami

Welcome to Bed with Crypto

Hey guys welcome to Bed with Crypto my name is Ben uh tonight I am here live in Miami uh for the Bitcoin conference super excited about it.

Bitcoin Conference in Miami

I hear that there’s a lot of people asking at the conference if bitcoy’s gonna be there uh. And the answer is well yes why yes I am so if you’ve got all the things you’ve been waiting to say to me Bitcoin Maxis I’ll be there come say it to me I dare you uh.

Wearing A Gold Gucci Jacket

Anyways guys it is super hot because I can wear this gold Gucci jacket uh not the flex but uh why did I wear the gold Gucci jacket I bought it just so I could become the meme that all the Maxis say that I am uh.

Interviews and Parties

But guys it’s been very interesting down here at the conference so far um you know done some interviews uh you know I was on a halpern’s podcast the other night so you know that’s gonna be a really fun episode of her show uh it was just in the next crypto gym party uh Leia was there George Critters are us you know what I didn’t get to say hey to George sorry George should have said hi I got busy um their networking stuff.

Hourglass and Crypto Adoption

Of course hourglass uh the ticker weight is a crypto uh coin that’s um you know behind that uh behind that show next crypto gym uh so you guys want to check that out they’re the ones you put on the show and put on the party tonight uh.

Robert Kennedy Junior Event

I’ve already been at uh Robert Kennedy Junior event had to sneak out before I got to speak but uh definitely made some good connections there and uh you know I think that uh overall.

Whale Night and Crypto’s Vibes

Right now where am I heading to people say I look like a beach whale sometimes so I’m going to whale night uh where it is a lot of very very important people a lot of exclusive people a lot of people who think they’re important and exclusive and then people want to pay a lot of money hey around with people who think they’re important. Overall what is the vibe right now for crypto well I can tell you this uh you know Bitcoin has certainly uh bencoin not Bitcoin Bitcoin has certainly taken over.

Bitcoin Takes Over The Crypto Attention

I got so many questions about that uh met with a lot of people from exchanges were coming up to me talking to me um they they want the coin bad why do they want the coin bad well because they know the volume on bitcoin is absolutely amazing uh.

Bitcoin Maximus and Ben’s Love for Bitcoin

But the fact is is that uh uh you know when it comes to uh this conference uh it comes to bitcoin uh you know the important thing to understand here is while all coins we’ve gotten a lot of the attention mean points have got a lot of attention exchanges.

I love all coins but I love Bitcoin. I think there’s been this message out there for some reason that I’m against Bitcoin no Bitcoin is the standard Bitcoin is what all this was was started by and in the end if there’s one coin left standing it’s gonna be Bitcoin because it attacks the traditional Financial system right if you think the SEC is just going to be done and say oh it’s a commodity guys they’re already building attack vectors against Bitcoin with environmental fud and uh wanting to make them switch over to proof of stake instead of proof of work it would never happen but that’s what they want they’re gonna come after Bitcoin next guys Bitcoin is the threat to the system.

Bitcoin Adoption and Future

I just believe that the Bitcoin maximalist uh well number one they hate anything it’s not Bitcoin which I believe in Freedom of thought right uh but when it comes to the Maximus they think oh this should have happened yesterday that our entire system should have already been overhauled well yeah you should have but Is that the way government works absolutely not.

I believe it’s going to take more like 10 to 25 years for full Bitcoin adoption to get it to where it’s backs currencies as the similar to the gold standard it’s farce period of gold uh so we’re gonna do Bitcoin well night.

Handing Out Wizard Hats and Conclusion

Have a good time uh talk Bitcoin with some real bitcoiners I can’t wait uh I believe tomorrow we’re gonna go uh we’re gonna hand out a hundred wizard hats uh for anybody that wants to go check out Udi and Eric talk about the Bitcoin ordinals and uh yes.

I gotta go to the party I gotta go oh I gotta be blessed. Thank you.

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