Discover Two Cryptos with Potential to Skyrocket 50X Amid Crypto Market Plunge

Sam, a cryptocurrency analyst, has returned from vacation to find the market down over eight percent in the last 24 hours. He discusses why so many people are playing the market wrong and highlights a few cryptos with potential 50x opportunities. Sam suggests that global investors are selling risky assets and investing in the US dollar because of its guaranteed high rate and low inflation, driving down the value of alt coins. He warns that 32,000 ETH worth of NFTs used as collateral in loans are at risk of liquidation, which could send a liquidation spiral and cause further damage to the market.

How the Market is Crashing: Opportunities and Risks


Hello everyone, it’s Sam! I’ve been away for a week and came back to a crashing market. In the last 24 hours, we’re down over eight percent. In this article, I want to talk about why this is happening, what it means for different cryptos, and some opportunities to consider.

Market Overview

The market is devastated today, with Bitcoin down nine percent, Ethereum down 9.1 percent, and many top altcoins down 12-20 percent. I cautioned against FOMO buying at $25,000 and suggested that we’re likely to see more pain. The Fed recently decided to continue raising rates to control inflation, spooking the market.

The Strong US Dollar

The strength of the US dollar is a significant factor in the market’s downturn. The Fed’s rate increase increases interest rates throughout the economy, attracting foreign investment capital seeking higher returns. The dollar’s strength makes it more attractive to investors and prompts shifting funds out of risky assets and into less-risky assets, like bonds and other interest-rate products. Many local currencies move their money to the US dollar due to its lower inflation rate compared to other currencies.

Technical Trading Trends

The market is making technical traders nervous due to breaking trendlines and falling below indicators like the 200-week for Bitcoin. We’ve seen the most and massive liquidations of Bitcoin in three months with 605 million dollars. NFT markets also face risks, with approximately 32,000 ETH worth of NFTs used as collateral for loans on Ben Dao. Many NFTs are collateralised at 30 to 40 percent of floor value, meaning that if it falls below that level, the NFTs could be liquidated.

Opportunities and Risks

Although the market is tumbling, there are still profitable opportunities available. Several cryptos currently present a 50x opportunity, and Sam suggests considering these options. However, investors must also be mindful of the risks associated with these cryptos, such as higher volatility and liquidity issues. To make informed decisions, investors should seek relevant insights, resources, and data from various platforms before taking action.


In conclusion, the market is currently down, primarily due to the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates and strengthen the US dollar. While there are significant risks, certain cryptos offer profitable opportunities for investors. It is crucial to seek expert insights, resources, and data before investing in crypto.

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