Discover the Unveiled Top 2 100X Low Cap Gems I’m Investing in Today!

In this content, the speaker discusses two low-cap gems that show potential for short-term bullishness and long-term 100x gains. The first gem is ojamu, a web 3 branding solution that utilizes AI to solve problems in the ad industry. The speaker is bullish on ojamu due to its low market cap and tokenomics. The second gem is Morpheus Labs, a web 3 development project that simplifies the process of building decentralized apps for institutions. The speaker is also bullish on Morpheus Labs due to its partnerships and unique testing platform. Both gems have the potential for significant growth.

About the Video

Yo guys welcome back to another video on my Channel today we’re going to be talking about two low-cap gems that look potentially bullish on the short term but also have 100x potential on the long term before we get into the video guys I do want to say nothing in this video is Financial advice everything is solely in my opinion and guys those of you looking to join the patreon the link is in the description down below you can also join through crypto for those of you that don’t have patreon in your country make sure you go check it out guys link is in The description down below why don’t we get straight into this video into the gems we’re going to be talking about today.


So guys the first gem we’re going to be talking about today is Ojamu. Ojamu is a web 3 branding solution that utilizes AI in order to meet and solve all the problems within the ad industry today. It addresses issues like not meeting the right target audience and high costs. Ojamu has a low market cap of around two million dollars and has the potential to reach 100x growth. Low cap gems have the best chance of achieving this kind of growth as they are not sitting at billions of dollars in market cap. With around 80% of the token in circulation, dilution will not be a problem for Ojamu. The project recently released an AI chatbot, adding value to the Ojamu ecosystem. The technical analysis indicates that the project is trading comfortably within the golden pocket, making it a good buying zone. Ojamu has the potential to reach 200 to 400 million dollars in market cap in the near future.

Morpheus Labs

The next project we’re going to talk about is Morpheus Labs. Morpheus Labs is a web 3 development project that allows enterprises to build decentralized apps. It simplifies the process of selecting and programming different blockchains by providing all the necessary tools. Morpheus Labs also offers a testing platform, which is unique in the crypto space. The project has strong partnerships with organizations like Huawei, Amazon Web Services, and many more. These partnerships not only back Morpheus Labs but also recommend other institutions to use their services. Morpheus Labs has a market cap of around 5.6 million dollars and 407 out of 75 tokens are in circulation. With its quality, backing, and utility, Morpheus Labs has the potential to reach a 500 million dollar market cap, which is about five times its all-time high. The technical analysis suggests that the project is in a good position for growth.

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