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Sam provides an update on his cryptocurrency portfolio, stating that he holds a significant amount of stable coins, with 28.3% of his portfolio in the asset. He also discusses his holdings in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Sol Token, and Matic, stating that he expects Bitcoin and Ethereum to be profitable long-term investments. He notes that he has been adding to his position in Sol Token, which has tripled in value since he bought it a few months ago and states his intentions to increase his investment in Matic. Sam highlights though that his portfolio is different from others, and everyone should invest based on their own financial situation and risk tolerance.


How’s it going everyone, it’s Sam. I want to give you an update on my portfolio for cryptocurrencies and I realize I haven’t done that in a while. So, I had some people asking on Patreon and I think it’s about time that I make this video. I’m going to give you my stable coin, my cryptocurrency, and talk about why I’m allocating more to some than others and kind of break it down.


Now, I’m not going to include every single piece or every single cryptocurrency because I have some dust from some projects that I still have a little bit of, but these are all the sizeable amounts that I have. Keep in mind, my portfolio is going to be different than yours. I’m not trying to give financial advice, I can’t give it because I’m not a financial advisor and my situation financially is going to be different than yours and my risk level is different than yours, so just keep that in mind. So, if you guys don’t mind hitting the like button, hit the subscribe button. I really appreciate that.

Stable Coin

First of all, I think we need to talk about stable coin. I always talk about stable coin on the channel because I think it is a great way to get some extra money. I think it’s just such an easy passive way of keeping some money on the sidelines and I recently started using something called anchor which I put a significant amount of money in so you get 19.5 percent. It is using luna and ust.


Bitcoin is the majority of my portfolio. It’s 26 percent and if you take out stable coin it is the majority of my portfolio by far. The thing about it is too, I’m not just in bitcoin straight up. I have spot bitcoin which is the only thing that’s including this but I have bitcoin proxies, I have bitcoin miner stocks, I have mstr. I also have a literal bitcoin miner so if you include that I would be closer to 35 to 40 percent probably and probably 35 bitcoin.


I also hold Ethereum. That’s my next biggest weighting. Ethereum 2.0 is coming out this year hopefully and I think that will decrease the fees a good amount on Ethereum and make it a lot smoother for a lot of people.


Then I have Cardano. Cardano’s actually my next biggest holding. I think that Cardano just holds a little bit more risk but I did have a large bag from before.


I have a good amount of Solana. I think that Solana is probably the best layer one solution out there in terms of fees, transaction speed, and in terms of people actually wanting to use that.


Sol token Phantasma. It has grown significantly. I’ve added a couple of times to my position just because I think that it is such a strong cryptocurrency.


Matic, I need to continue to add to this Matic bag. Polygon is being adopted all the time.


So, in conclusion, those are my major holdings. I hope that gives you an idea of what I’m holding and why. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you do want to support the channel, you can click the links under the video to BlockFi and to MooMoo to check out their offers. Thanks again for watching.

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