Discover the Unbelievable Potential: These Top 10 Low Caps Could Skyrocket 100X by 2025

In this video, the content creator discusses the top 10 low cap gems to hold for the next bitcoin bull run. The first project mentioned is Genomics Dao, a decentralized gene testing platform that aims to address the issues of platform hacks and data breaches in DNA testing platforms. The second project is, a decentralized insurance platform that offers protection against platform hacks and losses in the crypto market. The third project is Epic Protocol, which focuses on bridging AI and data on the blockchain and has partnerships with SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol. The fourth project is Graphlink Protocol, a no code protocol that allows coding on the blockchain in a simplified manner. The fifth project is, an image iteration AI platform that offers professional image generation and a marketplace for buying and selling AI images. The final project mentioned is Labs Group, a real estate crypto project that aims to bridge real estate and blockchain technology.

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video on my Channel

Today guys we’re going to be talking about the top 10 low cap gems to hold for the next Boron now before we get in this video guys I do want to touch upon two different things number one make sure You guys subscribe to my channel and also make sure you check out the patreon the link is in the description down below we are a growing Community about 70 of us now and we’re growing every single day number two is nothing I say in this video is financial advice this Is all solely my opinion so without further Ado guys let me get straight into this video today so the first project on the list is genomes Dao genomes Dao is within the decentralized science narrative in the most simplest form what genomes that I am to do is essentially be a decentralized ancestry DNA living DNA 23andMe a gene testing platform now there’s many reasons why this project has utility number one is due to all the platform hacks within the DNA testing platforms number two is the data breaches they sell our data for billions of upon billions of dollars Just like how big Tech sell our data they sell our DNA and I don’t like that now this is where to play it’s a working product you can get a kit today and get your DNA tested and actually guys it’s more advanced and complex the results you get than the Current systems we have today now genome style is only sitting at 1.9 million dollars a markup and is up 16 today I do believe the Inner Circle are pretty big on this project as well as the patrons let’s move on to the next project on the list The next Budget on the list guys is check dot check dot is a decentralized insurance platform now that’s not all chat thought is it’s essentially a you know D5 utility tool but that is the main point that sells it for me now let me ask you guys a question how many Times have there been a platform hacking crypto a validator slash in a stablecoin d-peg all the time and people lose Millions upon Millions upon millions of dollars now how many times do you have to to essentially lose money until you think you know what just like I’ll protect myself outside of crypto with Health insurance you know car insurance I should protect myself within crypto with crypto insurance that is essentially what uh chat thought aim to do you can protect yourself today guys with a lot of different BNB pairs or balance marching Pairs and they’re bringing out the ethereum pair you know Not too long there’s a lot of speculation with a cool coin listing and a Mexi listing for for chat.2 now had you guys been protected with Chet dot when USD CD pairs not too long ago you guys could have been protected up to twenty two thousand dollars now you may Not think that’s a lot however if you have a small portfolio go and you’re holding 50 in stable coins and that’s like 10 grand and he lost that all that’s hardly portfolio gone if you’re protected a check dot you could have been accounted for that back Now chatbot’s thing at a low mark up around 2.3 million dollars this is a lot of room for growth with this project next Budget on the list guys is epic protocol now epic protocol is a great project within the AI narrative now why I like uh epic protocol is for a simple Reason there is a lot of data there’s a lot of data that AI needs to utilize however the best place for AI is on the blockchain so the best place for AI is on the blockchain and that is essentially What epic protocol aim to do bridge Ai and Data on the blockchain now one reason I love Apple protocol so much is because Singularity net partner with them and as you guys know Singularity net is the top project within the AI space in crypto and also outside of crypto so they’re back in this budget it tells me that This project has a lot of utility now on top of that they have other great Partnerships such as ocean protocol which is a great one to have because we are dealing with data here ocean protocol is a top data cryptocurrency and they also have chain link to get That on and off data because it’s an oracle great project altogether epic protocol single market cap of around 2.3 million dollars tiny a lot of room for growth the next part of on the list guys is graph link protocol now grappling protocol is a very unique project it’s Essentially a no code protocol for the blockchain they essentially allow you to code on the blockchain in a simple and effective manner no need to write hundreds of lines of codes you can simply Implement a drag and drop system now they allow you to program on and off The blockchain now think of it like this in the future mostly everything will be on the blockchain mostly everything will be tokenized now we need some form of environment an IDE in which we can program with but on the blockchain and take data off the blockchain and on the Blockchain and program now what glq say is there’s essentially any there’s essentially at least one thing there’s one thing that an institution could probably automate some form of logic they can automate and glq is the best place for that to happen now there’s been a lot of development of glq in Terms of the graph link chain releasing the Roman at release which allows glq to be scaled much more powerful you know they have Partnerships of AI now you can utilize an AI chat essentially guys and then you can essentially ask it what you want to do let’s say build a telegram Bot which does XYZ on the price moves XYZ and essentially tell you all the steps that you need to do to build that so you can actually use iglq in such an effective manner now on top of that they have loads of good Partnerships actually a partnership with chat dot as well So guys grappling protocol sing at a low markup around three million dollars again there’s a lot of room for growth of this project personally I believe this project could 100x one of the main reasons I believe that guys is because it’s a unique project there is no other Project like this in crypto and because of that if people love this idea all the money’s gonna flow into glq next project on the list guys is generative ticket is guy guy sing at a markup of 944 000 now guy is essentially an image iteration AI platform now why I love guy Compared to a lot of the other image Innovation cryptos out there is because this is more professional a lot of the other image iterations are kind of like meme coins cartoony now guy is professional I can actually see you know graphic designers artists using guy and the AI Bots to develop these AI Image generation systems now another reason I like guy guys is because it has a Marketplace now it’s surprising that all the other image Innovation platforms out there don’t have a Marketplace to showcase the AI images to be bought and sold this is why guy is essentially the best one out There you can also train your AI Bots to have a certain specific style and improve in your art making so guy is a great project guys I believe has tons of potential a 100x on this current point would only put the markup around 100 million dollars it’s entirely possible In my opinion the next product on this list guys is Labs group Labs group is a real estate crypto seeing at a low Mark cap of around three million dollars now what labs group aim to do in the most…

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