Discover the Unbeatable Ecosystem and Rewards of Staking and Farming with FlatQube – The Ultimate Utility-packed Solution!

The video discusses a cryptocurrency platform called Flat Cube, which offers staking and liquidity farming opportunities, as well as the ability to exchange and create tokens. The platform has been security audited and has its own native token, Ever, which can be traded on various exchanges. The video demonstrates how to connect to the platform’s wallet via a Google Chrome extension and shows the various tokens and pairs available for trading. The video suggests that the platform has real use cases and potential for growth.

Flat Cube: The Potential Next Big Thing in Crypto

Welcome back everybody to a brand new cryptocurrency video! My name is Moonlight, and thank you all so much for watching today’s video. In this article, we’ll be discussing Flat Cube, a staking and liquidity farming platform that has been gaining a lot of attention recently. Let’s dive in!

What is Flat Cube?

Flat Cube is an exchange where users can exchange assets, stake their tokens, and farm liquidity while earning up to 366 APY. In addition to these features, Flat Cube also has its own utility token, EVER, which users can invest in. What sets Flat Cube apart from other crypto projects is that it has a Google Chrome extension where users can connect and swap out different tokens. Not only that, but users can also earn really good APY percentages and create their own token based on the platform.

Security audit done

With farming and staking platforms, trustworthiness is a crucial factor, which is why Flat Cube is a great choice as they’ve undergone a security audit. The security audit report is available for users to read and get a better understanding of the validity of the project.

How to join Flat Cube?

To participate in Flat Cube, users need to open an account on their official website. Once the account is set up, the user will need to connect their wallet. Currently, users can connect their wallet through their Google Chrome extension, the Ever Wallet. Once the wallet is connected, users can begin to swap different tokens and farm their liquidity.

Exchange Tokens and Earn

Flat Cube offers an extensive range of pool and token pair options. Users can open a new position and add liquidity, choosing what to supply as liquidity.

Getting EVER with Flat Cube

EVER is the native token of the Flat Cube platform, and users can acquire EVER on a few exchanges like,, and MXC Global. Once users have EVER tokens, they can begin to participate in staking and liquidity farming.


Flat Cube is a platform with a lot of utility and real use cases that has the potential to be one of the biggest projects of this year. Users have the opportunity to get in early and enjoy the rewards of staking and liquidity farming. Join Flat Cube today and earn crypto while exploring a multitude of farming opportunities!

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