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This article discusses a comparison between Ape and Wads Bay, two payment-related cryptocurrencies. Ape is the only crypto payment processor that allows access to single, recurring, and on-demand payments from a variety of tokens. Wads Bay offers real-life payments, e-commerce payments, and payments within games, as well as aims to distribute more crypto wallets to financial institutions to help people get into cryptocurrency. They also have point of sale terminals in several countries. Both are considered low cap gems with potential, with Ape being seen as a dominant figure in payment systems in third world countries, and Wads Bay being used primarily for real-life payments.

A Comparison Video Between APE and WADS Bay

Hello everyone and welcome to my Channel today we’re going to be doing a comparison video between ape and wads Bay. They’re both payment related cryptocurrencies. I’m going to Deep dive into comparison between them both before we get into this video I do want to say this is not Financial advice. I always Stress this go do your own research so yeah.

Introduction to APE and WADS Bay

I’ll give you guys a quick introduction on both of these tokens, and we’re going to talk about the similarities and the differences. So, what is APE? APE is the only crypto payment processor that lets you access single recurring and on-demand payments from a wide range of tokens. Let’s have a look at what WADS Bay is as well.

World speed doesn’t give a clear introduction, so I’m just going to tell you guys myself. Essentially, what WADS Bay does, they offer a few different services, they are a payment crypto-related cryptocurrency. They offer in real-life payments, they offer e-commerce payments, they offer payments within games as well, and they do aim to give out more crypto wallets to financial institutions to help people get into cryptocurrency.

So, they are different in what they offer, and maybe you guys should actually look into both of these.

APE’s Future and Potential

So, where do I see APE being in the future? I see APE dominating payments in third world countries and developing countries relating to payment systems there. And why I think that is because not only does APE offer a wide range of tokens, they also offer a recurring and on-demand payment system. If you don’t know what that is, you can check out my video, but I’ll explain it in simple terms. Fixed recurring is once a month payments, like subscribing to Netflix. Variable recurring is things like utility bills. APE deals with all of that, and that’s why I can see it having some real potential.

WADS Bay’s Utility and Potential

Where I see WADS Bay mainly used is actually within real-life payments because there’s not a lot of other projects out there that are actually starting to have utility in real life right now with crypto payments. What’s better, I believe you can accept payments in real life in a few different countries already using their point of sale terminals.

Apart from issuance and the acceptance of crypto payments, I believe everything else is relatively similar to a lot of other projects out there.

Tokenomics and Market Caps

As you can see, both of these projects are worth a second look and if you take a deep dive further, their Max Market caps are only around eight million dollars for APE.

Both of these cryptocurrencies have a lot of potential, and let’s get into the money you guys can make from this.

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