“Discover the Ultimate Metaverse Connection: Nuritopia Airdrop for People with Shared Hobbies and Interests!”

Norutopia is a project that connects people with similar interests and hobbies through a platform called Friends and Hangouts. The project is developing features to connect the virtual world to the real world and reward users for participating in both. The Norutopia ecosystem will offer dating, NFT marketplace, health consulting, community club, and office space services. The project has a strong community of 95,000 members on Telegram and 20,000 followers on Twitter, with more on Discord and Facebook. Norutopia is listed on Gate.io, with its token NBLU being listed on March 24th. The project has a solid team and advisors, with international partnerships and passed audits.

Foreign Topia: Inviting You to the Open Digital World

Foreign Topia is an exciting project that connects people with similar hobbies and common interests. It is a boundless universe that brings people together under its service called “friends and hangouts”. The project is developing many unique features that connect the virtual world to reality and connect people and friends all together. Let’s dive right into the project.

Before discussing the project, let us inform you that we are not financial advisors. We advise you to do your due diligence and research before investing. We do not take any responsibility for your actions.

Connecting People Authentically
Foreign Topia facilitates the process of authentically following social connections and offers an opportunity to be rewarded by participating in real-life and virtual activities. Users can interact through avatars, create and trade unique content, and have fun in the metaverse.

Developing A Whole Ecosystem
Foreign Topia is developing many additional services and features that will shape the whole ecosystem and help Nouritopia grow. The platform will initially offer dating, NFT marketplace, health consulting, community club, and office space services. The vision is to create the most immersive metaverse experience with reality and virtual intimately blend, and content creators can capitalize on their participation.

Huge Community
Foreign Topia has an active community and strong development. They have a massive community with 95,000 members on Telegram alone, 20,000 followers on Twitter, and even more members on Discord and Facebook. They have successfully closed private sales around one and round number two last year, selling out quickly due to its huge interest in the project.

Upcoming Airdrop and Listing on Gate.io
Foreign Topia has successfully organized several airdrop events to reward community members. They also have an upcoming listing on Gate.io, a great exchange for the listing. The listing of the NBLU token will be on the day of the 24th of March, and the trading could basically start at 2AM UTC time.

Team and Advisory Board
Foreign Topia has a team with vast experience and an advisory board consisting of ten advisors from various companies. The company has also passed an audit, proving its legitimacy.

Instagram and Future Plans
Foreign Topia has an Instagram page with cool announcements and information on how to earn tokens. They have a roadmap for the upcoming year, with many new features and updates in the works.

Foreign Topia is a revolutionary project that connects people from all over the world based on similar interests and hobbies. It is implementing many features that connect reality with virtual reality, and content creators can use it to capitalize on their participation in the metaverse. The company has a huge community and an experienced team and advisory board. Keep an eye out for their upcoming airdrop and listing on Gate.io.

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