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Defy Helper is a decentralized finance (DeFi) trading platform that offers farm and trade options for professional and beginner traders. The application allows users to create advanced strategies to buy low liquid tokens on more popular decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Defy Helper also offers a yield aggregator and yield optimizer for those seeking to invest in pools. The platform supports prominent blockchains and protocols populating the DeFi niche in the crypto ecosystem. The co-founders, developers, and governance token details are provided on the website to assure its transparency. The DFH token, which is not yet available, is a governance and yield-generating token that provides a comprehensive overview of the portfolio and helps users earn more on their investments.

Welcome Back to the Channel

In this video, we will review Defy Helper, a platform designed to assist with farming and trading in the decentralized finance (Defi) ecosystem. However, before we begin, we must remind viewers that we are not financial advisors and that any investing decision should be preceded by personal research. If you wish to learn more about Defy Helper, all necessary links are available in the description below.

Reviewing Defy Helper

Defy Helper’s website is minimalistic, with a smooth and straightforward user interface. It features a black and bright yellow color scheme, which is easy on the eyes. Defy Helper is a Defi trading platform that allows users to create an advanced strategy to buy any liquid or low liquid tokens on the most popular decentralized exchanges. This program is one of the most efficient we have seen, making the trading experience much more manageable.

Features of Defy Helper

Defy Helper offers a variety of features for its users. It provides a Defi yield aggregator, yield optimizer, as well as the ability to find a pool to invest in and use auto compounding to boost apoi. Furthermore, it has built-in stop-loss mechanisms, which are essential for trading, particularly leverage trading. Defy Helper supports Ethereum, Optimism, Chronos, Finance Smart Chain, Polygon, Phantom, Moonbeam, Moon River, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and Aurora, and it supports 749 protocols, including Aave, VVS Finance, Phantom wallet, The Graph, Maker, Dial Ava V2, GMX, Compound, Uniswap, Polygon eth2, Hex, Pancake Swap, among others.

The Team behind Defy Helper

Defy Helper’s CEO and founder are Vladislav Comes, joined by Archom Tolkachov, George Kunion, and Ilya Munirman. Their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles are linked to the project, which enables investors to research them and their capabilities before entrusting them with their money.

The Dfh Token

Dfh is the governance and yield generating token of the Defy Helper platform, with a total supply of 1 billion tokens. The circulating supply, as of now, is 34 million dfh tokens, and 3.4% of the total supply will be in circulation upon launch. The dfh token’s utilities include governance, profits distribution, discounts, and perks for token holders.

Purchasing Dfh Tokens

After launch, the dfh token can be obtained through private and public token sale rounds, exchanges such as Uniswap, Waves, and Pancake Swap, liquidity staking, development grant, content promotion moderation, and using the paid feature of D5 Helper.

The Defy Helper App

The Defy Helper App offers users an easy-to-navigate interface to start investing or trading easily. The app provides a start investing and a start trading button in a smooth and straightforward user interface, with a day and night mode option.

Tokenomics of Dfh

Dfh is an ERC20 token that allows token holders to shape the protocol’s future by voting and sponsoring required features. Defy Helper provides total unlocks for all token holders, a model versus actual token release schedule, and an initial token distribution, making its blockchain transparent.


Defy Helper is an incredible project that aims to simplify Defi trading and make it available to everyone. The platform offers various features, including a yield optimizer, auto compounding, and a built-in stop-loss system. The defh token is a governance and yield generating token with a total supply of 1 billion tokens.

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