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In this episode of NFT Update, hosts Deezy and Jeezy discuss the recent scandal involving basketball player John Wall’s NFT project stealing art from Fortnite and Boss Baby. On the other hand, rapper Snoop Dogg revealed himself to be a huge NFT whale who had remained anonymous for a long time. The hosts also talked about the casino on the blockchain project called Ridotto, which allows NFT holders to earn double earnings or free play. Another project discussed was a Solana-based GI Joe-esque NFT drop with interchangeable parts that allow users to trade out different traits.

Welcome to NFT Update!

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts love to know about every single NFT development taking place around the world. This is why Deezy and Jeezy launched their show NFT Update to inform the community of every exciting NFT news item.

John Wall’s NFT Project Scandal

John Wall, famous for his basketball skills, launched a somewhat tasteless NFT project that was quickly called out by the NFT community. Using a screenshot from Fortnite for the project’s background and the art from Boss Baby, people deemed it a cash grab.

Snoop Dogg’s NFT Whale Revelation

On the opposite end of the celebrity spectrum, Snoop Dogg revealed that he had been a secret NFT whale all along, using the name Medici. With holdings worth almost $20 million, Snoop Dogg proved to have a solid grasp of the NFT market.

The Free-To-Mint Glitch NFT

The duo revealed that Deezy had managed to obtain a free-to-mint Glitch NFT, but Justin was unable to snag one. This sparked an interesting discussion about the limited release of high-profile NFT projects and how quickly they tend to sell out.

The Ridotto Casino on the Blockchain

Deezy and Jeezy also discussed the Ridotto casino on the blockchain, which is a fractional ownership project combined with NFTs. Players holding the token gain fractional ownership benefits, but holding the NFTs offers additional perks such as double earnings, free play, and exclusive access to special events.

The GI Joe-Esque NFT Drop

Solana is set to launch a GI Joe-esque NFT drop that will see players minting and getting different parts that they can trade and exchange. There will be 2D and 3D versions with two distinct roadmaps that are comic book and metaverse-based, respectively. The 3D animations are expected to be especially exciting.

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