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Pablo provides an update on a project he previously introduced which is the first idle game on the Binance Smart Chain with a historical fantasy theme, incorporating elements of gaming, social media, blockchain, and NFTs. The game involves purchasing soul-based eggs with GEOSC tokens from the soul hall, hatching and feeding the eggs, and synthesizing them to participate in PVP and PVE battles. The game has two tokens, GEOSC for in-game currency and GSG for governance. Features include profile customization, the ability to buy and sell GEOSC on the trading market, and acquiring the rare Divine Beast NFT.


Hey guys Pablo here in this video I’m going to share one of the most important updates of the old world which is a project that I introduced to you guys around a month ago.

Overview of the Project

So the summary of this project is that this is the first idle game on the binds margin with a historical fantasy theme that have elements of gamer 5 Social 5 D5 and nfts. In this game, you buy soul-based eggs in the mall using geosc tokens and you get them hashed and after They get hashed you use USC to buy their feed and you feed them you turn them into adults and after their, you know, their adults you synthesize uh them and you get higher level of Soul bees which can then participate in the PVE or PVP battles to obtain various game items and Equipments.

Token Model

When we talk about the token model of this project we learned that there are two tokens we have jio SC token which is the in-game currency and then we have the GST token which is the governance token.

Connecting to the Game

So now if you come to the game you’ll first connect your wallet, make sure that It has by as much Network added and selected for right now since it is on the test net so I’m using BSE test and Network online metamask when you log in this is what you’ll see.

Profile Customization

On the top left you can see your profile picture and Your name which in the start may say you know default but after you click on it, it’ll show you different titles to approve if you have these titles like Soul King Soul Saint Seoul do low and title too long you can upgrade your title with GSG with whatever the current US dollar price of JZ is uh if you go to the personal tab here’s where you can select the picture and You can enter your name and confirm it.

Soul Hall and Mystery Egg Box

The first thing that we need in Order to start is to buy the soul Beast tanks right and you know afterwards we hash them and then feed them into and when we convert them into adults now in order to do that in order to get the egg we’ll go to the soul Hall you’ll see a Free mystery egg Box available for claiming but if you try buying it it will ask you to increase your account level so for this, we’ll go back to our profile and we’re going to upgrade our level by buying one of these titles among the sold King title then you know You come back to this whole Hall claim my free mystery egg box normally the egg mystery box would have cost 100 geosc but since we just upgraded and you know our title so the first one uh will be free however in order to successfully hatch our soul Beast we will need to buy Food for the soul base which will cost 0.5 USD per bag or you know unit now once you have bought the mystery box come to the trailer court uh this is where all of your stuff goes like egg feed souling Etc here you’ll find the mystery egg Box open it up and you’ll Get the egg as you can see the attribute of my egg is water so that’s what my soul-based attributes are going to be click on it and then click on Hatch and that’s when it’ll start hatching uh as we started earlier it will take 10 days.

Trading Market

We have a Trading Market where players can place their geosc for sale and bidding so this is a place Where we can get gusc or where we can sell our USC for usdt.

Crystal Section

If we come to the crystal section, this is where you can see your soul power and your current Rewards in GST and how much of it is claimable this is where you will be able to you know claim it in the previous video we talked about all the ways through which you can earn and utilize GST and Gose so make sure that you watch That video first.

Divine Beast NFT

In the previous video, we talked about Divine beast nft and how important it is we can acquire it using GST and we can only sell our soul-based after they’re intended by a Divine Beast plus holding the Divine base nft will give us all sort of perks And token rewards without doing much once you have it uh you can come to the temple to claim your rewards in USC and GST the interface is pretty straightforward you can see your total revenue here just click on receive and approve it from your wallet also there’s One crucial thing to keep in mind find is that the Divine base nft are extremely rare in this game there are only 1 000 if you learned in the previous video there’s only 1 000 of these nfts in total and 200 of…

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