Discover the Secrets Behind My Crypto Millionaire Status and Why I’m Optimistic About ETH! Get the Scoop on a Big Update from a Seasoned Crypto Pro!

Joey Paris, a cryptocurrency expert and YouTuber, was featured in a price report video discussing his journey into the world of cryptocurrency and how he became a cryptocurrency millionaire. Joey shared his story of starting in online business before discovering cryptocurrency six years ago through the platform Steemit. He revealed that he made mistakes initially, but learned from them, and in 2020, turned $10,000 into a quarter of a million within a week. He also discussed his YouTube channel focusing on teaching people how to be the smart money in crypto and get in early on altcoins. Joey currently resides in Puerto Rico because of the weather and crypto opportunities.


Shout out to everybody here, thank you for jumping on into the price report. Every single Wednesday night, we bring you a personality from somewhere in cryptocurrency, from somewhere in the blockchain that has dedicated themselves to cryptocurrency.

Introduction of the Guest – Joey Paris

I consider this person a crypto lifer. This channel has been amazing, I’ve watched this person for a long time. He has a lot of insight and data, and he’s taught me a lot about low-cap gems and how to find those 50x’s, 20 x’s, and more. Take it away my man, Joey Paris!

Joey’s Journey

How you doing Joey, how you feeling today?

Joey: “Man, I’m great, Mike. I really appreciate being here, and you know the sun is shining. You can see the palm trees in the background. I just got off the ocean, like literally just made a video on the beach. So, we’re living the dream over here in Puerto Rico, man. Thanks, you know, for having me, really grateful for the opportunity, and just to share my insights and help educate your community. So, really excited to be here, and thanks again for the intro. Great mic, it’s awesome, man. I love that SP7, right? You can’t beat it. You can’t beat it.”

Mike: “Joey, tell us a little bit about your story. How did you get into crypto? How did you find yourself into YouTube? And are you on the beautiful island of, I don’t know where you, you may disclose where you’re at? I don’t like to disclose people’s locations, but where are you, if you’d like to disclose? Completely up to you. And yeah, just let us know about you, man. I’m so interested in your journey, for sure.”

Joey: “So, I started crypto six years ago, and I’ve actually been in online business for like eight to ten years now. I started my own business teaching people how to create online courses, and I actually went to school for education, so I have a degree in history, psychology, American government. And I had never invested anything in my life before, like literally, I’m self-made, started from zero, didn’t even go to school for business or any of that. And I always wanted more just in life. I wanted to be able to be free and just do what I wanted to do, and I had to learn all myself. So, I did a lot of personal development, read books like Think and Grow Rich, The Secrets, you know, all those classics. And I started my own business, and then I found cryptocurrency six years ago from another friend, and we started blogging on this platform called

It’s still there today, but it’s not what it was when it first got started. And I just looked at it as an opportunity to take the content I was really creating and share it and earn crypto. I thought that was the coolest thing ever, and then I started investing. Because if you invested in this Steemit crypto, you then could like get yourself up higher in marketing, and more people would follow you on that platform. And I had built some social media followings and things, and started my own business, so I kind of felt like it was very similar on the Steemit platform. In fact, I actually became one of the most followed authors, and I was earning like thousands of dollars per post at one point, which was crazy.

So that kind of like was my introduction and like everyone who kind of gets introduced to crypto, like I did all the mistakes, right? Like I ended up buying the absolute top of STEEM and ended up selling literally the absolute bottom. And so, I think my first year or two, I actually lost like seventy thousand dollars, it was somewhere around seventy or eighty thousand. So yeah, I’m not proud of that obviously, but it was the necessary learning curve that I needed to have.

Since then though, you know, I got back into crypto investing in 2020. I got burned, right? I kind of was like, all right, this was no fun, I’m gonna kind of give it a break. But I still was like, you know, dabbling around. I ended up buying Chainlink at like less than a quarter and some crazy coins that I did really well in the long run. But I started back really heavy in 2020, right before the next bull run in 2021. And that’s when I started my YouTube channel. And the reason why I started is because I took ten thousand dollars and turned it into a quarter of a million within a week.

This moment in my life was like, all right, this was crazy. I know how to do this again though, and no one’s talking about the strategy of how to actually be the smart money in crypto, and there’s a whole process and method to madness. And that’s what I kind of teach on my YouTube channel. All these new altcoins, these new crypto projects, how to be the smart money, how to get in early to it. And it’s a whole education, it truly is. But from that experience, I just learned and just kept repeating the process. Today, I’m in Puerto Rico, so you can see the palm trees in the background, and like I said, I just got off the beach, man, so it was fantastic. And I absolutely love it here. But, you know, what brought me here was, you know, first, the crypto, but also just the weather. I’m from Chicago, man, so it’s you know, as I say, ‘I used to be from Chicago’, it was freezing cold there especially in the wintertime so palm trees and sunshine and I could have my cake and eat it too with my business. And I was like, this is for me, signed me up.

I’d never been to the island before. I just showed up here, and then figured it out, man. But no, that’s how I got started, it’s how the YouTube channel got started. One of my first videos, I’m like on the beach in Puerto Rico, talking about all this stuff, and my channel’s a little bit different. It’s definitely more for those who are looking to learn more about these new crypto coins. I don’t talk a whole lot about Bitcoin, and it’s definitely more altcoin-centric. But, you know, I wear the hoodie all the time here with a little Nike symbol because people love the hoodie. I don’t know why. They think it’s cool logo, but this is just Hotel It, and that’s really like my main mentality and what I’ve in the last six years, is just be patient and like put your time into the market and work hard. So, that’s what I’ve done. Today, I’m a cryptocurrency millionaire because of all the things that I just said, and if you’re looking at investing in crypto and living the dream, you can do it. You definitely can. There’s nothing special about me. I’m your average Joe who has no hair and a suntan, you know what I mean. So, yeah, that’s a little intro. That’s kind of how I got started, and I appreciate you letting me share.”

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