Discover the Secret to Safeguarding Your 100X Crypto Gems

The video offers three tips to keep mobile phones safe from hackers trying to steal cryptocurrencies. The first tip is to use two separate wallets – a savings wallet for cold storage and a defy wallet for activities like API arbitrage trading and swapping. The second tip is to avoid sharing seed phrases with anyone, except possibly a partner or children to inherit the assets. The third tip is to avoid clicking on random links in social media platforms, which could be phishing campaigns. The bonus tip is to subscribe to the Crypto Gem Hunters channel for alerts on altcoins that can make gains in the crypto market.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Cryptocurrency Safe


Hello and welcome to another Crypto Gems Hunter video. Now, a few days ago a friend of mine got hacked and all of his phones got drained from his wallet. Even before that, we all know about the Bitcoin core developer who’s always got hacked and his funds stolen. So, today’s video I’m going to be sharing with you three tips that can help keep your phone safe because I know you guys work really hard to find these gems and to accumulate them and make a lot of gains. The last thing I want is to see your funds get stolen from you by some random hacker or scammer.

Tip 1: Have Two Wallets

My first tip is to have two wallets, a savings wallet and a defy wallet. Now, the reason why I’m saying this is because people usually think their Hardware wallets make them immune from some kind of fishing attempts or some kind of hacking attempts. But all it takes is for you to sign one malicious transaction. That’s why I’m recommending that you have two wallets. The savings wallet is for Cold Storage only. That’s the wallet you use to save, to keep, to send, and receive funds. Once you send the transaction, you are basically agreeing to lines of codes that you have absolutely no idea about. Now, these lines of code tell the defy um Oracle or platform, “Okay, I’m giving you the permission to swap my cryptocurrencies for this and that.” Hackers have been able to insert malicious lines of code when signing transaction and that’s why even from a hardware wallet, people get drained without even giving away their seed phrases and things like that. So, your D5 wallet, what’s the point of the defy world as well if you are really interested in more than just accumulating and stacking cryptocurrencies, you can do things like APIs arbitrage, trading, swapping because those things involve a lot of signing and you know moving around the defy world where the hackers are always waiting. So, on your defi wallet, you can carry out all those things. Once you make some kind of crazy or insane games, then you can now send it over to your savings wallet. If you’re interested in maybe you have some Bitcoin accumulated and you want to convert it to some Ethereum, you can send it over to your DFI wallet, do some swapping, and send this back. My point here is your default wallet should be for all the swapping, all the APIs, all the sticking, all the arbiters trading and your savings wallets should be for Cold Storage. Try not to interact too much with defy for your safety, you can if you want, if you are 100% sure you can avoid honeypots.

Tip 2: Do Not Share Your Seed Phrase

Moving on to the next point is do not share your seed phrase, no matter what. There’s no reason whatsoever that you have to share the 12 randomly generated, or sometimes 24 randomly generated words with anybody. Anyone who approaches you, especially in crypto, claiming to be customer support or even an influencer that you are following, anyone that claims to be customer support, helping you with whatever problems or questions you’ve asked, more likely than not, in fact, 100% of the time, let me just say it, 100% of the time, there are scammers. There’s no reason whatsoever for you to give anyone your seed phrase except maybe your partner or your kids, you know, so that they can inherit your crypto wheels from you in case anything happens. But do not share your seed phrases with anyone, matter was.

Tip 3: Avoid Clicking on Random Links

The third tip is to avoid clicking on random links. Now, the people that get scammed the most are the ones who think they’re jumping into a new and great opportunity without doing any bit of research. Now, there are random links that will take you to different kinds of websites that might look legit but they are actually not or that would just put some kind of malware or key loggers on your system. Avoid clicking random links, especially in the comments section of social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, even YouTube. So, you need to be careful about the links you click. There are usually targeted from phishing campaigns and things like that. So, be very careful about the links you click. Don’t click. Don’t click on random links. What I recommend you do whenever you are looking for a link is to access it through CoinMarketsCap because this is a reputable website and they usually have the links to several of the projects. They always put the links to the project’s website, so from the project’s website, you can see the official links of whatever projects that you’re interested in, be it Reddit, Twitter, they are sticking platforms or whatever it is. There are a lot of websites that are imitating the legit ones. So, you have to make sure you access it through the right point. Don’t copy random contract addresses; make sure you copy it from sites like CoinMarketsCap.

Bonus Tip: Subscribe to Crypto Gem Hunter Channel

A bonus tip for you is to make sure you subscribe to the Crypto Gem Hunters because we give a lot of crazy good Alphas on crazy great altcoins that can make you a lot of games even in the crypto bear market. So, check out our page check out this wonderful Minds here, Crypto Archie, Crypto Sales, Crypto Grind, Crypto Love, and yours truly SSM Crypto. Be sure to subscribe to every one of them as well as this channel. Thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you next time. Stay safe and take care.


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