“Discover the Secret to Making 100 Times Your Investment with Small Crypto Coins – Act Fast!”

The video discusses how to make 100 gains in cryptocurrency investment. The speaker warns that this strategy is risky and speculative and not advised for investing 100% of one’s crypto bank. The speaker suggests investing in smaller cap alts for catching up before the next run. The speaker advises against the ‘hodl’ method and suggests finding low cap gems, making a profit and moving onto the next project. Most projects fail, and investments are made based on hype, emotion, and opium. The speaker suggests being early and riding the waves, banking as much as possible, and not getting greedy.

How to Make 100% Gains with Crypto Investments: A Guide

A Fair Warning

Before we dive into the world of crypto investments, it’s important to understand that this is a risky, speculative venture that is not advisable for 100% of your crypto bank. While small investments in bitcoin or eth won’t make you rich in the next few years, investing in low cap alts can offer a lot of potential for profit with much lower capital investment.

The HODL Method Doesn’t Work for Small Investments

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they need to hold onto whatever they buy for the long term. That’s not the case with crypto investments. The goal is to find low cap gems, ride them to their peak, and then get out. Don’t get greedy or you may end up losing everything.

Most Projects Will Fail

It’s important to understand that most crypto projects won’t make it. Their gains come from hype, emotion, and opium, so it’s essential to sell and move onto the next opportunity before they become worthless.

When to Buy and Sell

Bitcoin controls the market, so it’s crucial to pay attention to its movements. Once it starts to go up or down, ethereum will likely follow. Then, smaller caps will rally or crash depending on the direction bitcoin is moving. The key is to be early and to bank as much profit as possible without getting greedy.


Investing in crypto can be a profitable venture, but it’s important to understand the risks involved. Don’t get attached to any one project, scale out when you’re up big, and don’t be greedy. By following these simple steps, you could find yourself making 100% gains in this volatile market.

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