Discover the Secret Sleeper Mid Cap Gems: Hidden AltCoins Poised to Reach New All Time Highs

Mid-cap altcoins with potential for price growth are discussed in a video by BitBoy Crypto. Moonriver, with a market cap of under $600m, is a new parachain for Kusama built to be compatible with Ethereum. Flux offers decentralised infrastructure for front-end websites for decentralised applications. Gala Games, with a market cap under $1bn, is a blockchain NFT game producer with multiple games under development. The platform’s token, Gala, has rallied more than 470% this week alone after listing on Binance, and has a large user base of 1.3 million active users.

Altcoins Rising Faster Than Bitcoin

Altcoins are leaving old man Bitcoin behind, and the past few weeks have seen some explosive action for projects that came out of nowhere. But where is the next altcoin that has price potential? It’s not some fly-by-night project or an unlisted project. No, no.

Finding the Perfect Risk/Reward Balance

Like American Pickers, here on BitBoy Crypto, we find the deals. There’s a time and a place to consider picking up some low cap gems, but the perfect risk/reward balance is finding a mid cap coin that has room to grow.

Uncovering Mid Cap Altcoins Ready for a Pump

There are solid tokens out there whose market caps are still under a billion dollars and outside of the top 100. And some of them have been around for a while. In this video, we’re going to discuss some mid cap altcoins that could be ready for a pump in the last leg of this bull run.

Understanding Pumpanomics

It’s important to note that when we’re talking about tokens and their price, we’re gauging its chances at pumping at the peak of the cycle. It’s called “pumpanomics”. All these coins have had their initial pumps, but that’s just proving their potential. Initial pumps set the stage for later pumps. Don’t FOMO in at the top. Wait for a drop or a period of consolidation before making any purchases. And remember, don’t put in what you can’t afford to lose.

Moonriver: A Parachain for Kusama

First up, with a market cap of under $600 million, is Moonriver, a new parachain for Kusama that is built to be compatible with Ethereum for multi-chain development. Moonriver will allow developers on Polkadot to work with infrastructure similar to Ethereum, which many builders in the space are more familiar with. Moonriver is powered by its native currency MOVR, which has climbed from under $100 all the way up to about $400 where it stands today.

Flux: A Decentralized Cloud Computing Solution

Next up is Flux, a solution for decentralized cloud computing, which is one of the missing links for this industry. Flux runs on its native currency of the same name that uses an open source proof-of-work algorithm. With a market cap under $100 million, Flux is a low mid cap coin that has the fundamentals to move up in the rankings quickly.

Gala Games: Rising Leader in Blockchain NFT Gaming

Finally, Gala Games has been on a tear this week after listing on Binance, rallying over 470% this week alone. Gala already has one game released in a full beta version and at least four others very far along in development. The Gala token has a fixed maximum supply of 50 billion units. With a market cap of under $1 billion, Gala ranks in the low 200s on CoinMarketCap.

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