Discover the Potential of These Altcoins as They Prepare to Explode This Month!

Zksync’s mainnet, the Ethereum layer 2 with the first zkEVM, is now open to builders and developers to build, deploy, and get their protocols ready for the eventual full mainnet opening to the public, which is expected soon. The first projects to build an ecosystem within zksync will capture the markets, as seen with Arbitrum. Zigzag exchange, Mute, and SyncSwap are among the top exchanges with a token on zkSync, with Zigzag having a fully functioning order book DEX and a big release of margin trading and perpetual futures coming soon. Mute is a suite of products, including perpetuals and profit sharing, while SyncSwap is due to have a token airdrop in the future.

The Era of zksync Mainnet is Finally Here

The zksync mainnet for Ethereum layer 2, featuring the first zkEVM, has finally opened its doors to builders and developers. This provides them with an opportunity to build, deploy, and test their protocols in preparation for the full public launch, which could happen anytime soon.

Opportunities with zksync-based Projects

The launch of Arbitrum saw many popular projects on the Ethereum layer 2 experience astronomical growth. The same trend is expected with zksync’s full public release. The top exchanges with a token on ZK will potentially surge, allowing the first projects to build and establish partnerships within the ecosystem to capture the market.

Top Exchanges on zksync

Zigzag Exchange, with its fully functional orderbook DEX on zksync lite, is the furthest along with the most built exchange on the platform. With perpetuals and profit-sharing coming very soon, Zigzag is well-positioned to make a significant bullish move. Mute, a suite of products that includes its own wallet, liquidity pools, and soon, bonds and amplifier programs, is also a top-rated decentralized exchange with a token on ZK.

Reunit Wallet – A Sponsored Segment

Reunit Wallet, built on LayerZero, is a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind, truly omnichain wallet that allows users to send transactions from multiple blockchains in a single transaction. With Phase 2 set to be launched in April, featuring a complete configuration with WalletConnect, along with support for additional blockchains, the wallet is well-positioned to become crypto’s go-to wallet.

Token Airdrop on SyncSwap Exchange

SyncSwap, the top project on zksync by TVL, confirmed that a token airdrop is coming soon. This announcement creates an opportunity for traders and investors to take advantage of the token’s potential growth and establish partnerships within the ecosystem to capture the market.

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