Discover the Most Sizzling Altcoins to Snap Up immediately – Unveiling Top Price Technical Analysis

The current market is relatively stable, with Bitcoin above $55,000 and Ethereum undergoing a slight retracement to $3,500. The global crypto market cap is at $2.3 trillion, indicating positive overall market performance. The content discusses altcoins like Cardano and XRP, and asks viewers which altcoins they are buying. The market is experiencing a consolidation phase, with Bitcoin showing potential for an uptrend continuation above $53,336. Ethereum is expected to gather momentum from the $3,470 – $3,350 level to reach new all-time highs. However, caution is advised in leveraged trading, and viewers are encouraged to educate themselves before participating.

Market Overview

So the market right now it’s not doing anything crazy we’ve got bitcoin above 55 000 ethereum making a retracement back down to 3500 but nothing to worry about all seems like a natural correction to me and in general we’ve got the global crypto market cap up 2.3 trillion everything’s looking good there.

Covering Altcoins and Bitcoin/Ethereum

And today we’ll be covering some altcoins as well as bitcoin and ethereum but we take a look at cardano xrp and a few other ones so question for you guys in the comments is which old coins are you buying right now let us know we’d love to know in the comments and guys Please help us get to 200 000 subscribers we’re so so close about 400 subscribers away so if you want to be a part of the crypto business community and say you were the first 200 000 to get in then make sure you subscribe today and turn the notification on so You never miss a video and also leave a like if you did enjoy anyway let’s get straight into it enjoy.

Market Analysis

So right now the market is down a little bit but we’re talking about all coins today mainly we’ll be focusing on bitcoin ethereum as well but we are Going to take a look at some old coins and that is really all that matters so even though bitcoin is having a good day ethereum is actually down a little bit by about by around two percent uh making its way back down to three thousand five hundred dollars bitcoin stays above Fifty five thousand dollars making us push hopefully towards sixty plus we’ve got a few other coins doing decently the biggest gainers right now in the top 100 are stacks up 33 on the day and up 61 on the week we got harmony up 17 almost 18 On the day and we’ve got d y d x up 13 in terms of the biggest losers we’ve got uh clayton down we’ve got bittorrent down we’ve got icp down and a few others there as well but nothing too dramatic i would say um but all in all there’s Nothing to worry about it’s just a classic kind of uh you know consolidation day for the market and if we go over to the charts we can take a look at bitcoin first.

Bitcoin Analysis

So on our chart using our super trade indicator you can see on the daily chart we are still well Above the buy zone you know we did make we broke that 51 000 level we might had a close above it on the daily chart which sent us pushing upwards higher and you can see we did break out this down trend that we are now kind of Mitigating this key area here now this area here is our level of supply now this means that we are going to struggle to break it a little bit but once we break it we can start to target our next area of supply and that will be 62 000 So in the meantime if you guys are looking to pick any up i would say the one key level or one area you could potentially look at is if we do see a further retracement into either this gap we have here or this further level of demand down here so anywhere really Between 50 000 and 53 thousand would be a decent level to start picking some up or dollar cost averaging or however you wanna do it so those are some levels to watch i would say for now uh just wait to see what happens with this consolidation for Bitcoin i mean we did break above this level here which shows us that we do want to go up as an uptrend and uh so now if we see a break above here then that means we’ll see a uptrend continuation as long as we don’t go Below here then that is all good to continue the uptrend so as long as you don’t break below 53 336 dollars we’re all good there but things are looking good but things are also consolidating right now you know we are seeing uh somewhat of a ascending triangle i guess you could Call it or you know it really is just a range at this point there’s nothing too crazy going on but we will probably see somewhat of a breakout soon now if we do see a breakdown like i said we can wait for a re-test around the 50 000 level However with this general sense of the market things just seem to be pushing up very aggressively but you know things cannot go up forever and we’ve seen a lot of blue candles recently for bitcoin so you know we may see a correction at some point and that’s healthy so nothing To worry about there.

Ethereum Analysis

Now if you go over to aetherium we are seeing this right we’re seeing us potentially coming to our level that we’ve marked out here for our level of demand uh which is between 3470 down to 3 350. and if we do come into it there’s No again no big deal no big deal because that is an expected level to push up from that’s where it can gather more momentum and push up to maybe 3700 3800 my next level was around 3830 all the way up to 4 000 so that’s really where i want to see Ethereum heading towards in the near near future because if we can do that we can see us break to all-time highs and i really do think we’ll be seeing a 5 000 plus dollar ethereum by the end of the year along with bitcoin making new highs as well.

Trading Bitcoin and Ethereum

Now guys if you’re interested in trading bitcoin ethereum you can check out our buy bit or femex links down in the description you can get some free cash as well by using our links and also meeting the deposit requirements and you can make some free trades on there if You’re interested please be careful though it is leveraged trading and it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing so make sure you watch our videos and make sure you also uh check out our course as well we have that 100 off that right now if you want to use The code crypto busy at checkout.

Altcoin Analysis – Cardano

So we have a bitcoin ethereum let’s move on to some old coins that have been requested as always if you guys want to see altcoin featured on the channel please let us know in the comments if it gets enough traction we will show it so Cardano has done pretty much what we expected from last time so you can see here that’s what i drew before it played out now we came into this level we tapped into this key level of uh of supply of demand here and we pushed up higher We pushed up touched our level of supply around 2.36 and now we are just kind of tapering off a little bit consolidating along with the rest of the market however what is good to see is we are now hitting this level of uh demand here which is again a very valid level all The way from 2.10 to 2.21 and anywhere in there again could be a goodbye and we’ll probably see ourselves push up higher but now this zone has been mitigated i personally wouldn’t even look at that as resistance anymore i would look towards more so anywhere between 2.58 and three dollars to be Honest but in the meantime i would say maybe 2.60 is a good target but this could be a big move for cardano we could see a nice 10 to 20 move for it in the next few days if the bullish sentiment of the market continues but that is just What i could see happening i’ve actually got xrp again doing pretty much what we predicted here uh you can see we came into our key level we pushed up we came back down collect a bit more momentum a bit more liquidity pushed…


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