Discover the Most Promising Crypto Coins for 2022: Early Altcoin Predictions!

BitBoy Crypto has listed his top picks for cryptocurrencies that are likely to make gains even in the bear market. The list includes THETA, a decentralized streaming platform that incentivises a global pool of users to offer spare bandwidth and rewards them with THETA and TFUEL as compensation. Chainlink’s oracle network is another project that has partnered with a lot of big companies in the past, and Celsius provides users with the opportunity to deposit crypto assets for interest and/or take out collateralised crypto loans. BitBoy Crypto believes these coins have use cases that will keep the heat on for projects despite market cycles.

Bear Market: Top Picks for 2022

No. 5: THETA

Theta is a decentralized streaming platform that offers a global pool of users the opportunity to offer spare bandwidth by rewarding them with Theta Tokens (THETA) and TFUEL. The platform incentivizes crypto holders to use their computing power for higher quality streaming power without needing to pay a third party. Theta has real-world use cases that supersedes the crypto market cycles, and video streaming is only getting started. Theta is well-positioned to take up the mantle of streaming king of the North.

No. 4: Chainlink

Chainlink and its token LINK is a decentralized oracle network that provides safe inputs and outputs of information for smart contracts. Chainlink oracles work on any blockchain by delivering information from the outside world and bring it into a blockchain. Its function is to provide safe inputs and outputs of information for smart contracts, which makes it extremely useful for blockchain-based projects. Chainlink is connected to a lot of big projects, and its use case goes beyond crypto market cycles.

No. 3: Celsius

Celsius Network is an SEC-compliant lending platform that allows users to deposit crypto assets for interest and/or take out crypto collateralized loans. Celsius returns 80% of its earnings to its users for awards and better interest rates. Celsius’ main advantage as a top pick for 2022 is the benefit of staking stablecoins for ready gains, especially if the crypto markets are facing a bear trend. The Celsius platform accepts more than 35 tokens for staking, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and stablecoins such as USDT and DAI. APY depends on various factors, and yields may vary.

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