Discover the Mind Behind Gather Network’s Success: An Exclusive Interview with Reggie Jareth, CEO and Founder, on the Power of Blockchain

Gather Network is an advertising cloud solution that offers an alternate form of monetization for content creators and website developers. The company was founded with the aim of providing an alternative solution for content providers to make money apart from the current issues with advertising. Gather has three products and services; Gather Online, Gather Cloud and Gather Enterprise, that all use blockchain technology. Gather Online allows users to visit websites and provide their consent to use a small fraction of computing power in exchange for securing the blockchain. Gather Cloud reallocates spare capacity on to enterprises and developers, and Gather Enterprise helps large companies to consult, providing custom solutions to implement blockchain or crypto into their existing businesses.

Gather Network: Revolutionizing monetization for content providers and developers

As the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency continues to expand, companies are finding innovative ways to implement this technology and disrupt industries. One such company is Gather Network.

In an interview with CEO and Founder Reggie Jareth conducted by Ashton Addison from Block West Capital for InvestmentPitch Media, Gather Network’s mission to provide an alternative form of monetization for content providers and developers is discussed.

Gather Network’s Three Products and Services

Founded in 2018 with the simple idea of providing an alternative form of monetization, Gather Network has grown to offer three products and services: Gather online, Gather cloud, and Gather enterprise.

Gather online is an alternative form of monetization for publishers, developers, and app developers. With a small portion of a user’s spare computing power being used to secure the blockchain and subsequent coins attached to the blockchain, content providers can easily make money without relying on traditional advertising methods.

Gather cloud utilizes spare computing capacity and provides decentralized cloud computing services to enterprises and developers at a cheaper cost than centralized cloud providers. By developing new services and adding decentralization, Gather Network is changing the game in cloud computing.

Gather enterprise offers custom solutions for large companies looking to implement blockchain or cryptocurrency into their operations. With an incubation aspect for startups and a larger sales aspect for established companies, Gather Network provides expertise in economics, design, tech, and capital.

Implementing Gather Network for Monetization

For content creators and developers looking to implement Gather Network for monetization, the process is simple. By signing up at and following the rules within their jurisdiction, content providers can benefit from Gather Network’s services.

While content creators have the option to still use traditional advertising methods in addition to Gather Network, opting for Gather only provides a cleaner user experience free of bombardment.

With premium features coming soon, such as regionalization of languages and custom banners, Gather Network is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of its clients.

The Trend Towards Alternative Monetization Solutions

As the trend towards alternative monetization solutions continues, with content creators and influencers feeling more and more like they are the product, Gather Network provides a viable alternative.

Having noticed a trend towards Gather Network and alternative solutions for monetization over the past few years, companies like Gather Network are poised to disrupt traditional advertising methods and provide a more streamlined, user-friendly experience for all.

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