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The content discusses a new project called nbox, which is a gaming platform and guild on the blockchain. The platform has a guild system where players can create and join guilds, with each guild having a Divine Beast NFT that members can feed to increase its hashrate. Members can participate in activities such as chatting, mining, playing games, and engaging in PvP battles between guilds. The project is committed to establishing a consensus, shared, and win-win blockchain community guild ecosystem, and it will soon launch a superhero game, the nbox guild 2.0 online, and an nbox NFT marketplace. The platform also features partners such as Wallet Connect, Binance Marching, and MetaMask.

Nbox: The Autonomous Game, Fight, and Social Platform


Hi, you guys! I know that it’s been a second since I haven’t given you guys a new video, haven’t updated you on the new projects. I’m sorry for that. There’s so much going on in my personal life. I’ve had a lot of endeavors that I had to attend to. That being said, I’m going to enlighten your day with a very cool new project that’s in the works called Nbox.

What is Nbox?

Nbox is a game 5 guild 5. It is a guild dow 2.0 autonomous game fight and social fi platform. And let’s just take a second, you guys, the first thing that I noticed was its insane graphic design. It’s super captivating, and it’s like a smooth transition within the pictures himself. It kind of looks like a vortex that you’re entering into. So with that said, let’s enter into this vortex. Let me tell you about the project.


Scroll on together through the platform, and then also I’m going to show you their pitch deck where they go in-depth with where they’re going with this project. So it is a box space of infinite possibilities of the metaverse dedicated to decentralized dow guild services uniting the global blockchain metaverse gaming communities and guild organizations to build a consensus shared and win-win blockchain community guild ecosystem.

Sign Up

You can sign up directly on the platform from clicking this button over here, or if you already have an account, you just simply sign in to begin. I’m going to mention that if you’re not English or if it’s not your first language and you are more comfortable in another language, there are many different languages that you could convert the platform into.

End Guard Services

So let’s start with get and guard. You can create your own end guard. It’s your faithful guard and its powerful mining and gaming fighting abilities depend on your cultivation. So we’re gonna get a little bit deeper into the end guard services in a second.

Nbox Guild

Welcome to join Nbox guild. No, it’s a divine beast nft is socializing guild fun where you can create or join decentralized guild with dow governments to generate public revenue and share it collectively by feeding divine beast mining and fun management. You can create or join with these buttons over here, and you can play games. So enjoy game fight, have more nfts and richer play to earn experiences.

Superhero, Law of Eternity, and Wall Facer Alliance

Coming soon, there are the superhero, law of eternity, and the Wall Facer alliance. So here with the superhero, you can get your end guard, you can fight the beast and win rewards. With the law of eternity, now that the disaster has struck, will the elite break the shackles of time and touch the truth or eternity? So you guys want to look out for these games, and then you also want to invite your friends to play with you, right?

Invite Friends

So join the Nbox universe with friends and simply win together by doing so. By inviting your friends, you can also get tokens, so it is beneficial for you as well. So here it says simply that you can invite new players with rewards and more rewards for joining guilds. It’s a very clear and concise platform, as you can tell. You can just invite your friends here. If you click on here, you’ll be asked to sign in, and then you’ll be directed to the spot where you can invite your friends, but it’s really direct, really easy. It’s a platform that everyone can use.

Nbox Token

Now for the Nbox token, 100% of all players share all of the inbox tokens. So in the decision-making supervisions, the participants in Nbox participate in the major decisions, and the holders will vote for platform decisions. As for the community privilege, different levels of privileges for holders with different amounts of Nbox, and for the payment services, Nbox performs various services on the platform, such as trading.

Road Map

As for the roadmap, you guys, there was the project initiation in Q4 2021. So there was the Nbox project, the R&D launch, there was a game fight and guildfi community model was the determination, there was the end guard design, and there was the divine based design.

In Q1 2022, there was a superhero game 5 R&D launch, the end guest design completed, the guild system construction completed, and the pre-long page design completed in the event system construction, which was also completed. So now that we’re in Q2 2022 online, we have the Nbox 1.0 official website, the guild, the Nbox token listed on the dexes, and the superhero alpha online.

Q3 2022 Development

So this is where we’re at right now. As you can tell, it is up and running, and there’s a lot happening soon. In Q3 2022, this is where the development is hopping. So the superhero better launch, the Nbox guild 2.0 online, the end box and guard mining 2.0 online, and lastly, there will be the Nbox NFT marketplace online.


Like I said, a lot is happening that you do not want to miss, and to do so, you’re going to have to join their socials, which we’ll get to in a sec, but first, look at their partners. We have wallet connect, we have binance marching, and we have metamask. Now at the bottom, this is where their communities can be found.


So they’re on telegram, they’re on twitter, they’re on medium, and they’re on discord. I really encourage you guys to join if you’re interested in the project because you can engage with like-minded individuals who are engaging with the project and you can find out about the latest news, events, and such.

Pitch Deck

Now I want to talk all about this a little bit more in-depth. We got an overview of the project, but let’s go check out their pitch deck where there’s a bit more substance to it. In case you guys are looking for a little bit more.


Nbox is a box of infinite possibilities committed to the service of blockchain dow guild. It’s a professional dow guild creator that makes it easier for people to converge, enables like-minded players to better organize and form a group through the dow 2.0 governance. It unites the global blockchain metaverse gaming communities and guilds and establishes a consensus share and win-win blockchain community guild ecosystem.

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