Discover the Latest Trends in Venture Capital with Fabio Pezzoti, CEO of Iconium on Blockchain Interviews!

Fabio Pazzotti, CEO of Iconium, spoke with Ashton Addison of Block West Capital for InvestmentPitch Media on The Crypto Coin Show. Pazzotti discussed his team’s investment focus in blockchain, explaining that they aim to anticipate trends rather than follow them. He believes there are huge opportunities in phase two of blockchain, including a multi-chain environment and a shift away from the current DeFi landscape. Pazzotti also stressed the importance of investing in teams who can change the world, rather than expecting returns in six months.

Investing in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Interview with Fabio Pazzotti, CEO of Iconium


Ashton Addison from Block West Capital sits down with Fabio Pazzotti, CEO of Iconium, on the Crypto Coin Show for InvestmentPitch Media’s blockchain interviews segment. In the interview, Pazzotti discusses Iconium’s focus in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, its investment strategy, and potential growth areas.

About Iconium

Pazzotti explains that the company was launched in 2018, during a bear market, which turned out to be good as they invested in interesting projects when no one else wanted to. They have a team of seven people and have invested in 80 projects since then, with 35 projects in their portfolio. Pazzotti’s experience in technology and internet companies dates back to 1997, giving him insight into the blockchain industry.

Focusing on the Right Investments

Iconium’s investment strategy follows trends to some extent, but they also try to anticipate them. Pazzotti believes that the first phase of blockchain is over and that the industry is ready for phase two, which involves a multi-chain environment and a major change in DeFi. He emphasizes the importance of profitability and defensible models for blockchain startups. When making investments, Iconium looks for teams that can change the world.

Investment Criteria

Pazzotti believes that the team is the most important aspect when investing in startups. He explains that they invest in teams that they believe in and invest for a longer time, as profitability takes time. He cites their investment in Terra Luna as an example of their belief in a team and its potential for success, despite a bear market.


Pazzotti is optimistic about the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency, noting its impact on finance, politics, and social and economic life. He emphasizes the importance of investing in teams that can change the world and creating profitable models. Iconium plans to continue investing in blockchain startups that align with their investment criteria.

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