“Discover the Latest AR Metaverse Innovations with Diego Di Tommaso, Co-Founder and COO of OVER – A Blockchain Interview”

Diego D. Tommaso, co-founder and CEO of Over the Reality, discussed the company’s vision of building an augmented reality metaverse in a recent interview. OVR lands are the company’s digital tokens that allow content to be published at certain geographic coordinates, creating a mix of the physical and virtual world. OVR lands are currently sold on the Polygon blockchain, with 850,000 units and 29,500 owners. The mapping layer of the metaverse is the most important, allowing for geolocation that has more precision than GPS. The platform currently has 19,000 experiences that have been uploaded in the spatial layer over the physical world. The main use cases of the platform currently include browsing augmented reality, meeting in virtual locations, and playing games like treasure hunts.


Hello, I’m Ashton Addison from Block West Capital for InvestmentPitch Media, and today on the CryptoCoin Show, we have back with us Diego D Tommaso, Co-founder and CEO of Over the Reality. Diego, welcome back to the show, and I’m excited to dive into Metaverse Spatial Web AR more specifically.

Overview of OverReality

For those who didn’t see our first interview in around April a few months back, I would love to get an overview of what OverReality is specifically working on. Our vision is to build an augmented reality metaverse that mixes what is the physical and the virtual world. The way we do it is by tokenizing digital space so physical space actually. We call those special domains OVR lands, and those are NFPs. We are basically hardware agnostic.

Mapping Layer

In terms of infrastructure, our metaverse is made up of three main layers. The first one is the ownership layer. Over that, we have a mapping layer that allows us to geolocalize or make reality like us. We have a problem with precision when we do this kind of activity by using GPS since it works well outdoors but not indoors where unfortunately we spend most of our life. So, we built a system that from taking pictures of a location generate a 3D map of location and then you can locate yourself in space very precisely 20 centimeters versus four to six meters outdoor for the GPS.


Finally, we have a builder that allows you to publish content. We have two kinds of builders, one is a web builder so for no coders, and the other is a unity plugin for more powerful tools like logic and games. Up to date, we have 19,000 experiences that have been uploaded in the spatial layer over the physical world.

Functionality of the Experience in Spatial Domains

When we built the platform, we were imagining certain kinds of use cases, and then the market and usage are always a little bit different. We have three main use cases of our platform right now. One use case is actually browsing this augmented reality content that can range from art to virtual locations where people can meet using their own photorealistic avatars. Finally, another use case that is working a lot is a game like Pokemon Go-type treasure hunt.

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