Discover the Inspiring Journey of Spielworks’ CEO Adrian Krion and His NFT Gaming Innovations on WAX Blockchain Interviews

Adrian Kryon, Founder and CEO of Spielworks, explained the company’s vision of making it easy for gamers to onboard into the web 3 space on the Crypto Coin Show. He said that Spielworks started working on Wombat in 2018, which offers easy access and technical setup through a wallet and over a ton of games and content for gamers. Kryon stated that the company has been focused on games with proven traction, including traditional games with a crypto component and NFT staking games, like Dungeon Master, with a fixed prize pool to make it more sustainable.


I’m Ashton Addison from Block West Capital for Investmentpitch Media, and today on the Crypto Coin Show, we have Adrian Kryon, Founder, and CEO of Spielworks. Adrian, welcome to the show, and thanks for taking the time to speak with us.


Ashton: Let’s talk about all things Web 3 in gaming. Gaming has seen massive growth in recent years, and integrating Web 3 community and functionality could offer gamers more ownership, rewards, and community. Can you explain what you and your team at Spielworks are working on in the gaming space?

Adrian: Sure. Back in 2018, we started working on a platform that would make it easy for gamers to onboard into the Web 3 space. The two most critical components for this are easy access and technical setup, which include a wallet. This is what we built first, and in 2019, we launched Wombat Wallet. The second essential component is a ton of games and content, so there is something worth playing. Finally, a lot of people need to be playing and using it for comparison. Together, these three components form what we call a Web 3 gaming platform.

Ashton: I love that. A lot of gamers have thought about the value they invest in games and how they could transfer it to another game or real-life. So, creating a platform that enables that is not just exciting but also inevitable. Tell us more about Wombat and the games you offer.

Adrian: When we launched in 2018, we saw the economy of crypto games fluctuate where many games were incentivized to earn money, and there was no fun component. So, we have been focusing on developing games with proven traction to the traditional games. We have two games, “One Play” and “Dungeon Master,” with the latter being the most popular. It’s a staking game where you can claim rewards based on the NFTs you have staked, and the prize pool in each season is packed to the dollar, making it much more sustainable.

Ashton: That’s fantastic, Adrian. I’m also curious about the Wombat Wallet. Are you using it as a standalone wallet, or is it integrated into the game? And what kind of assets can users hold in the wallet?

Adrian: The Wombat Wallet is a standalone wallet, but it has integrated functionalities into the games. Users can hold various crypto assets and also acquire NFTs.


Overall, Spielworks is building a Web 3 gaming platform that enables gamers to have more ownership, rewards, and community. With Wombat Wallet and games like “Dungeon Master,” they’re creating a fun component to the crypto gaming industry while also making it more sustainable in the long term. Users can hold various crypto assets and NFTs in the Wombat Wallet, making it a valuable asset to any gamer interested in the Web 3 space.

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