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A new Sims-like metaverse called “The Neighbors” allows users to turn their Sims vision into reality in a virtual world. Users can search for properties and buy them to earn rewards through a sustainable protocol on Avalanche. The 3D virtual tours show potential buyers the layout and amenities of each property. The storage function, market function, and neighbor function are not yet available, but the team is working on them. The white paper outlines the protocol’s fees and taxes for different types of properties. Users can also communicate with their virtual neighbors and host events.

Sims-Like Metaverse “The Neighbours”: A Virtual Reality Real Estate Game

What is up you guys, never here back again for more metaverse news. Today, we have a Sims-like metaverse. This one reminds me a lot about the game Sims. Last time I loved the game, and I know a lot of people were really hyped about the game when I was young. And this is where you can turn your Sims vision into reality, but not so much reality, it’s still virtually, but it’s more real than what we had before. This is called The Neighbours.

The Neighbours – A Sustainable Protocol
This is a sustainable protocol that offers its community the easiest way to earn daily rewards and living in a real virtual reality. So first of all, you can search your address, neighborhood, city, and even your zip code. You can buy a property and start earning that way. Just launch the app right here, you gotta connect it to your Metamask, there you go, I’m gonna launch the app, I’m gonna connect to a wallet, okay, wallet connected, launch the app, see, okay right now, yep there’s no pricing yet, there’s no market cap yet, but if I like to purchase a property, this is where I can head to.

Virtual Property Shopping
You can see right here it’s so cool because this is literally like a property website. You can see how many bedrooms you have, bathrooms, square feet, semi-furnished or fully furnished, there’s different kinds of houses, Oakley Hill Townhouse, there’s like you condo complex, oh this one’s a nice Sunset Villas Villa. This one’s nice, okay let’s take a look at the 3D virtual tour.

Virtual Tour
Oh wow, wow, wow, this is crazy, okay let’s look at all the aspects of it. So this is the lounge, a bit small, bit small, but I mean, the house is pretty big, so oh, these are the toilets, what, this is actually really cool, look at that, you can even go upstairs, let’s take a look what’s upstairs. Okay, this is semi-furnished so obviously not everything is you know there’s not a lot of things inside besides just like the typical stuff, like the toilet bowl, shower, it’s really really nice, even the outdoor scenery is so good, okay anyway besides that you can also pick what kind of property you like, whether it’s a family home, whether it’s a mansion.

Storage & Market Function
The storage function is not yet out, but it’s coming soon, so does the market function and also the neighbor function. If you want to buy neighbors, just click buy neighbors. May I remind you that this is on Avalanche, so if you want to purchase yourself some neighbors, you need some Avax, you’ll send your avex from your centralized wallet over to your mailer mask, you need to make sure you pick C chain.

The Golden City
So let’s just run through the website real quick and I’ll let you know a bit more about the functions. Welcome to the Golden City, discover a place you’ll love to live. Okay, so first of all, you got the 360 virtual tour and the second is the notes which is the neighbors NFT node. This will give the property owners the power to help run this ecosystem, while also making money which is earning the rewards on a daily basis and you got the VR capability. VR is definitely the future because that is virtual reality which is also going to be our own reality in the future.

Benefits of Being a VR Real Estate Owner
These are the few benefits that you will get in terms of becoming a real estate owner, or should I say a virtual reality real estate owner. This is the end of the market, you can decorate your own virtual home, you can sell your property, you can host events exactly like what I said for the game Sims. In terms of the world map, you got phase one, phase two, phase three, phase four, and on phase four itself is where it will be integrated into a metaverse.

Join the Neighbours
This is the team, the co-founders, spokesperson, the head of communication, the head of the metaverse, and if you want to join the neighbors, be sure to join their discord and also follow them on Twitter. That’s written now, currently, it has 12.5k followers. If you want to join their Twitter, you better turn on the notification because they are going to have a lot of huge announcements.

Play to Earn NFT Game Demo
Let’s take a look at the game itself. I’m gonna choose this and let’s, oh, I can use my keyboard, oh, there’s bought apes as well, that’s cool. So I’m gonna take a look at my place, this is my villa, my sweet little villa with all my bald apes that’s super cool, take a look. Okay let’s get out of here, let’s get out, I’m not sure if you can get out, but I’m just gonna try, oh okay, never mind, uh I don’t think I can, but anyway, I’m playing the game, and this looks really cool. Maybe if I walk a bit faster, it’ll be nicer, yeah but anyway like I said this is just a demo.

Not everyone can afford to buy home in the real world at the young age, but in this virtual reality, you can basically own your own place, and I can see this being a huge thing in the very near future.

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