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The content discusses the current state of the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin experiencing a decline while some altcoins are reaching new all-time highs. The author shares five hidden altcoin gems that they believe have significant upside potential, even in a bearish market. They also mention a successful pre-sale of a cryptocurrency called MetaVPad, which saw a massive increase in value. The author advises caution and emphasizes the importance of doing thorough research before investing. They also provide updates on MetaVPad and suggest that investing in brand new metaverse projects on the platform could lead to exponential returns. The market is currently in a state of fear, but the author sees potential opportunities for investment.

Introduction: Bitcoin in the Red, Altcoins Reaching New Highs

Bitcoin in the entire cryptocurrency market is back in the red but some altcoins are reaching new all-time highs. In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you five hidden altcoin gems that I still believe have massive upside potential even if the market is going down. And the best part is, some of these projects haven’t even hit the market yet. So if you like altcoins and multiplying your money exponentially with cryptocurrency, smash up that like button to a new all-time high. Let’s get this video to 10,000 likes down below. And if we do so, I will be giving away a thousand dollars worth of MetaVPad tokens. So smash up that like button and let’s get started.

About the Author: Joe

Welcome to the YouTube channel! My name is Joe and every single day, I make videos teaching you how to make money with cryptocurrency. So if you like money and you like crypto, click the subscribe button. Also, hit that notification bell to be notified every single day when I come out with these new videos. They are very time-sensitive and you’re not gonna want to miss out. Please note that everything I say in this video is not financial advice. These videos are for educational and inspirational purposes only. In full disclosure, I do own some of the cryptocurrencies that I will be discussing in this video.

Hidden Altcoin Gems

Before I share with you five new cryptocurrency altcoins that I believe are set to explode and why I believe that they’re actually going to do this, I wanted to say congratulations to everyone who got into the MetaVPad pre-sale. MetaVPad, at the time of this recording, is trending number one on DEX tools and went all the way as high as a dollar and 31 cents per token. That is literally more than 1,300 times your money. Very rarely do we get 1,000x opportunities, but as I’ve been sharing with you here on this channel for many weeks, MetaVPad was one that you’re not going to want to miss out on if you can get into the public sale. Or if you couldn’t have gotten into the public sale, if you were one of the first ones to buy in this green candle, you could have made some very nice profits.

Now, please do understand that nothing goes up forever and cryptocurrency right now, with the timeless recording, is very risky. But that being said, one of my students in my online class turned 8.5 BNB into 20 BNB by being one of the first to get into this project. Right now, at the time of this recording, that’s approximately 12.5 BNB in profit, which is literally $7,000. Not bad for one day’s work. Now, the truth is there are a lot of factors and details in order to get into this pre-sale and also in order to be one of the first to buy this cryptocurrency. You can see here on the BSC Pad official Telegram channel that there were a lot of fakes and scams out there. So always make sure to only click the official links.

But also, as I shared in my online class and I have exclusive tutorials walking my students through this entire process, you can see there was an IDO bot prevention and this was to try to stop bots from buying the cryptocurrency as soon as it hit the market. There was a 60,000 MetaVPad token per address buy limit, but only BSC Pad Platinum and Game Zone Veteran Plus Stakers were eligible to be added to this whitelist. But there was also a second whitelist which I was posting in the description of my videos. This would have allowed you to buy 90 seconds after the above criteria and you needed to have had an allocation in the MetaVPad IDO. If you would have done all of these steps correctly, you could have been sitting on some incredible profits.

Now, the reason why I’m sharing this project with you is to educate you and to teach you that yes, some people were able to do very well today while others did struggle and potentially did lose some money. Now, this is a free market, anything can happen at any time, and this is why I say that you need to always do your own research and you should never risk more than you can afford to lose. But that being said, MetaVPad, sitting at 41 cents at the time of this recording, and Bitcoin coming in at $47,500, and the entire market basically down, this was an amazing opportunity if you were able to get into that public pre-sale. You can see on MetaVPad, the public pre-sale price was 0.001 and there was an abundance of opportunity and tokens. You can see the public sale with 16 now. We also have some breaking news with this project and it could potentially be yet another opportunity. MetaVPad just updated their tiered system and each one of these tiers is a guaranteed allocation.

If you want to get into the next pre-sales, this is yet another opportunity and I think MetaVPad is going to be incubating some insane projects. Now, in order to gain access into these MetaVPad pre-sales, you will need to stake either thirty thousand, ninety thousand, or a hundred and eighty thousand tokens. You will need to do this three hours before the allocation round opens. And if you are in the Explorer or Creator tier, you will need to do Twitter likes and comments and also retweets. But if you are an Architect, you will not need to do these whitelisting requirements. As I just shared with you, each tier will be a guaranteed allocation tier. The Explorer will have a pool weight of 10, Creator 32, and Architect will have 66. The higher the pool weight that you have, the more money you’re going to be able to contribute. And this is where you can multiply your money exponentially, as I’ve shared with you many times on this channel. Bluezilla has incubated some insane projects, doing 5x, 10x, 50x, 100x, and now even 1,000x. And if this market does turn around, which I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on that in just a second, I think getting into brand new metaverse projects on MetaVPad could be your ticket to help you multiply your money exponentially. But we will have more on this as time comes.

The Current Market Conditions

Speaking of the overall market conditions, you can see right now that yes, we tested the trend line and we’ve come back down and we are hanging on by a thread right here at $47,500 at the time of this recording. Now, the truth is, Bitcoin sitting at $47,500 has put us back in extreme fear. And you can see last month we were in greed sitting at 75.

Now, let me share with you the crypto fear and greed index over time because this is very important to understand. You can see back in May, the fear index was at 12, which is absolutely insane. And then it was bobbing right around this 20 to 29 mark, and this is where the crypto fear and greed index was for literally many months. If we take a look at the Bitcoin chart, this is when the opportunity was back here when the fear and greed was at its highest. I’m sure all of us would have loved to have bought a lot more Bitcoin back here when everyone was very fearful, and we thought right here, right at this moment, that this was going to be the end. $29,000, we’re going to $24,000, we’re going to $20,000. The market is over, Bitcoin’s going back down to $10,000. And that’s exactly when it reversed back towards the upside. If we continue to see, we have moved back towards the upside again and we have made a lower high right now, but we are still in an uptrend, breaking this just slightly.

In my opinion, and this is just my opinion, this could be yet another…

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