Discover the Hidden Staking GEM: Unveiling the Pillow Fund Triumph!

Crypto Rick is excited to talk about how individuals can earn high returns on their crypto assets through yield farming. He emphasizes that this platform is safe and transparent, with insurance coverage of up to $250 million from BitGo. The team behind the platform conducts extensive research on various protocols to ensure the highest staking yields. Crypto Rick highlights the support and endorsement of well-known figures in the crypto industry. He demonstrates how easy it is to use the Pillow Fund app for depositing and staking different tokens. He encourages viewers to sign up using his referral code for a bonus.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Earn Your Highest Returns on Crypto


Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I hope you’re doing well today. Crypto Rick here, and I am very excited because I get to talk to you today about how you can wake up to earn your highest returns on your crypto. Don’t let your assets fall asleep when they can be earning the maximum returns.

Embracing Yield Farming and D5

Out there, this one here is wild to me. Obviously, there’s been all sorts of crazy stuff in this environment. You know, some of the large players have failed and paused withdrawals and all those things because of low transparency, huge risky strategies, and uncollateralized collateralized institutional lending, right? That’s what we’ve seen. So, this here is something that I really, really like. There’s no institutional lending happening here. This is only yield farming through D5, which is absolutely one of the more amazing ways to do things. So, I’ll jump into the application and show you how easy it is to use with either crypto or fiat in a little bit. But before I go into that, guys, I really wanted to show you why I got so excited about this.

Simplicity and Safety

Not only are these guys extremely simple in the way they’ve built this application, but it’s unbelievably safe because you have the insurance from BitGo. It’s up to $250 million, basically. That’s going to be really, really just set up for success for the clients, right? $250 million in digital asset insurance from BitGo changes the game for us, especially when there’s not a ton of international institutional lending and things like that. So, guys, simple, which you’ll see later in the video when I show you how easy the platform is to use, super safe thanks to the insurance. And when you talk about the smartest, these guys have a research team that’s scouting 500+ protocols to fetch the highest staking yields in all these D5 applications that we have out there. So, when you go into the app, you’ll actually see which protocol they’re using as well for each of these staking opportunities, which is really, really cool as well. So, you can be staking Sol, Axi, Matic, BTC, ETH, also some stable coins are in there with some amazing returns on all of these things. So again, don’t just take my word for it, right? These guys have absolutely been catching the attention of some phenomenal, and I mean phenomenal, people. I mean Scott Lewis from Defi Pulse. Wow, that’s pretty damn good, right? Let’s catch his attention. How about Sandeep from Polygon? That’s another huge, huge name. We’ve got just people all over the place in this crypto market that are 100% finding, liking, and supporting what Pillow is doing here.

Support from Top Crypto Investors

I really, really wanted to make sure that we understand that this is, I mean, these are founders of some of the best and most successful projects out there. These are the top crypto investors in all of the space, and you’re seeing that they are part of this amazing, amazing platform. So guys, check out the names on this list, right? I mean, again, you’ve got Polygon founders, you’ve got Defi Pulse, you’ve got tons of other projects, right? FanPay, you’ve got, you know, all sorts of stuff here that really just jumps out from the crowd.

Exciting Features and Easy to Use App

When you start looking into it, you’re gonna also notice these feathers, right? Do feathers invoke your interest? Well, feathers are the in-app reward program. Redeem feathers for 1% in USDC. So you earn feathers by depositing crypto or by referring friends. You hold these feathers to redeem mystery gift boxes down the line as well. And of course, you’re going to want to get in here and download the application. So with that being said, at this time, I do want to pause and go over to the app and show you just how easy this really, really is to use.

Exploring the Pillow Fund App

Alright guys, I figured this is a good time to go ahead and jump in and show you the application. This is how the Pillow Fund app looks on my Android phone, okay, using my little screen recorder. So if the audio isn’t as good for this segment, I do apologize for that, but I wanted to show you the actual platform, right? I think reviewing the website is one thing, showing you the website is one thing, but I wanted to show you the actual platform.

So what I wanted to do here is actually show you how you would deposit any of these tokens. So first of all, obviously, you have USD Coin, you have Solana Coin, which has some amazing APY right now actually, up to 8% variable APY, pretty solid as well. Matic, looking at 20.5%, 8.6% APY. So, I’m gonna just show you if you were to deposit ETH, for example, right? You just come there, click “Deposit”, click “Create Deposit Crypto Deposit”. Understand? Then you just simply copy this address here, and that’s it. Okay, copy this address, throw it in from Metamask, throw it in from an exchange, and you’ll get your Ethereum sent over to the Pillow Fund application and start earning right away. So definitely a very easy-to-use app, and as you can see, you can actually earn some stuff by referring people. So feel free, if you like to refer people to things, I mean, you like what you see over here with the Pillow Fund app, you can absolutely do that as well. So again, very, very easy. You could use bank deposits if you wanted to deposit straight from your bank account into one of these cases. All you would do is simply choose the one you wanted to go into. So if you wanted to go into Solana, you’ll be prompted here to come and connect to a different website, which will go ahead and get you your Solana from your bank. So basically, you use your fiat currency to go ahead and utilize your bank deposits. Crypto deposits, you’ll just have the wallet address, and you’ll go ahead and upload from there. So unbelievably user-friendly to use and easy, easy, easy for even the most beginner, the most novice of crypto stakers. So guys, again, come on over here, check this out for yourself. There’s a couple more things I wanted to show you on their website, but I figured this here would be important to show.


Welcome back, everybody! I hope you enjoyed that segment of the video, just seeing how phenomenally easy it is to not just sign up, get set up, get yourself going, but also to see pick and choose which one you want to stake in, see the protocols that they’re utilizing in each of these for full transparency, full clarity. So you combine the ease of use, you combine the safety of this $250 million digital asset insurance policy, and then you throw on top there are experts that are out there researching 500+ protocols to bring us the highest yields, and you see why I am so, so excited about what Pillow is doing out there. So, I had to bring this to you so you could see it for yourself. I want you guys to come over here and check this out for yourselves. If you wanted to go ahead and sign up, you can click the link below and use the referral code RICK10. It’s RICK10, boom, there you go. It’s on the screen for you right now as well, and this will give you a 10% bonus on your deposit. So again, I want to thank you all very, very much for your time. Thanks for watching this video, and until next time, everybody, happy crypto hunting!

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