Discover the Future Value of 2000 Cardano Tokens in 2025

Sam discusses the potential price predictions for Cardano in 2025 and different strategies for investing in it. He mentions that Cardano is a blockchain platform like Ethereum but focuses more on research and development. Analysts have predicted various price ranges for Cardano, and Sam examines different scenarios based on Bitcoin and Ethereum’s prices. He explains that becoming a millionaire from Cardano would require a significant investment, but there is potential for high returns. Sam also discusses the possibility of Cardano surpassing Ethereum and advises taking advantage of dips in the market.

Cardano Price Predictions and Strategies for the Future

How’s it going everyone, it’s Sam. I wanted to talk to you for a few minutes here today on cardinal price predictions and where it could be by 2025.

Averaging Into Cardano

Now I’ll apologize first off the bat because my hair’s a little bit crazy, we have the new puppy. So I was actually up with her a good majority of the night, but we’re gonna break down the numbers behind Cardano and right off the bat, I should tell you that there are a couple different ways that you can average into Cardano assuming you’re bullish on it and you want to add over time. They can definitely help you in the long run, and we’re going to go over a couple different strategies to average in after we take a look at some price predictions and where it could be and how much you can make off of it depending on how much you dollar cost average or lump sum into it. So we’re going to look at all that if you guys don’t mind just hitting the like button, I really appreciate that. Also, if you guys want, there is a link down there to Voyager which is going to give you interest on your Cardano. I use it personally, that’s where I hold all my Cardano, and it’s going to be really important to get interest on Cardano as you’ll see here in a minute.

About Cardano

Cardano is a blockchain platform for change makers, innovators, and visionaries. Now we’re not going to go too deep into this, it’s similar to something like Ethereum. Now they work a lot more on the research side, they don’t just implement and then fix later. A lot of the time they will run studies and studies and studies and they are backed by research and development. So that is where we are with Cardano.

Price Predictions

Let’s see what some analysts are saying. Now there are a lot of different price predictions out there, everything from $40 in 2022 to $18 by 2033. So this year we’re going to assume a couple different things and we’re going to take a look at the numbers here and kind of break them down in a few different scenarios depending on how bullish you are. Now Bitcoin right now is seen around $41,400, Ethereum is around $245, and Cardano is around $1.30. Now something that’s interesting about this is when we looked a couple months ago, Bitcoin was around $34,000-$35,000, and Cardano was actually at $1.40. So Cardano has not come back up with Bitcoin, it’s come back about thirty percent but it was actually higher before when Bitcoin was actually down further. So it definitely lagged behind Bitcoin, and it’s lagging now. This is something that we’re used to seeing in the cryptocurrency market which is that Bitcoin moves first and then a lot of the other altcoins follow.

Potential Scenarios

Now let’s take a look at where this could be if we went back down to all-time highs. So Bitcoin’s all-time high is right around $64,000, Ethereum around $4,400, and Cardano around $2.50. Now in a lot of these scenarios, I’m going to show all three because you’re gonna see how they stack up next to each other. So at $2.50, we’re back at an $80 billion market cap, still much smaller than Ethereum. You can see here about one-sixth, actually a little bit less than a sixth the size. So to become a millionaire at this point, you would actually need $525,000 if we went back to all-time highs. And I realize that’s too much for a lot of people. But also if we go back to all-time highs and you’re putting all the money in Cardano, it still is only going to just under double. So it would take a lot of money at that point to become a millionaire from it. So you need about 404,000 Cardano.

Future Predictions and Strategies

Now let’s talk about the end of next year, something that could happen or end of this year. So a lot of people think that by the end of the year, Bitcoin could hit $100,000. We could have a market cap around just under $2 trillion, which honestly is not that high when you consider the market cap of gold and the fact that a lot of people think that Bitcoin is gold 2.0. So then Ethereum is just one-half, we’ll say, the size of Bitcoin. I think if we get to $100,000, we’ll definitely see some pumps in the altcoins because Bitcoin moves first and then the altcoins follow. In this scenario, we’re going to be ultra-conservative. We’re going to say that Cardano only goes up to $5. So there are a lot of different theories behind this, but we’re gonna say, okay, Cardano hits $5, it’s a little bit more than twice its all-time high. That would make it so that we would need about 200,000 Cardano or we would need to spend about $260,000. Now, that’s a bullish scenario, but there are more bullish scenarios, and we’re talking about 2025, right? So this is still the end of 2021, maybe 2022, that we’re talking here. We could see Bitcoin hit something more like $150,000. In that case, if we see it surpass $100,000, I think there will be a huge pump, a lot of people will be getting into crypto. Now if you want to see my video on Bitcoin and the 41 reasons I’m bullish on it, I’ll put it up right above the video here and on the end screen so you can check it out. But Bitcoin at $150,000, we would say Ethereum still half of that because again, very bullish scenario. You would think that a lot of the altcoins would push. We’re going to say Cardano just goes up to $10, and I think that could definitely happen. That would put it just over where Ethereum is now, but that would have Bitcoin 4x-ing. So I think it’s something that could definitely happen. If we’re in this really bullish scenario at $10, we would need 100,000 crypto, so we need 100,000 ADA, which would be $130,000 worth. Now I realize these are still really large numbers to become millionaires. But again, millionaires in a year, that’s not going to be easy. So let’s look a little bit further down. Price of Bitcoin hits a quarter million, maybe this is 2023, 2024, maybe it’s 2025, maybe it’s the beginning of next year, who knows? Bitcoin hits $250,000, still less than half the market cap of gold. To become a millionaire for Bitcoin, you would need about four Bitcoin or about $165,000 worth. Now Ethereum, in that case, if it’s still half the market cap, is about $20,000, Cardano will say hits $20, so it’s still only 1/4 the size of Ethereum. We’re gonna put this in a bullish type scenario again, maybe this is 2025, but that’s still great. I mean, these kinds of returns are huge. That would be over a 10x return, that would be about 15x return for Cardano. So in three or four years, that’s honestly very good. Now again, we’ll get into how you can actually take advantage of something here in a second to actually get more Cardano, and we’ll look at dollar-cost-averaging.

Here we have 57 or 58 Cardano, it’s still just one-fifth the size of Ethereum in this scenario. This is a flipping scenario, like I said before, this would have Ethereum at $80,000 if Bitcoin hits $500,000. Cardano is only one-fifth the size of that, and then we have another scenario where Ethereum is only half the size of Bitcoin, and then Cardano is the same size as Ethereum. So kind of like a flipping here, right? A lot of people think that Cardano can actually surpass Ethereum long term. They would put Cardano at $145.

Strategies for Taking Advantage

So what was I talking about? How could you take advantage? Well, sometimes…

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