Discover the Exciting Utility of Akihiko Inu, the Latest Launched Project!

The YouTuber Alexandra reviews the ERC20 project Akihiko Inu in a new video. The project, which has just launched and has no website yet, has a five percent tax on buy and sell, with ownership renounced, and liquidity locked for 90 days. The team is reportedly working on a utility and has experience with major products and projects. The community is active, but holder amounts are currently small. A website with more information is expected to launch soon. On all-time high, five presperium are being given away, increasing the project’s growth potential.


Hello guys, what is going on? It’s your Alexandra’s guys, and today I’m back again with another video for you. This one is slightly different because the project that we will be reviewing today actually doesn’t have a website yet. It will be ready in about 12 hours from publishing this video, so I’m really bringing this one to you as early as possible.


Just before we start with the period, as always, I need to let you know that I’m not a financial advisor. You should always do your own research, and you should always do your own diligence because I don’t take any responsibility for your actions.

Introduction to Akihiko Inu

Today, Akihiko Inu guys ERC20 project freshly launched. Freshly launched as you can see, here is their Twitter. They literally have nine posts. As you guys can see, the holder amount currently is quite small because it is sitting at 230. The website is still to be ready today, so it is really exciting, in my opinion, because after rolling out the website, more people will be able to find out about the project. Of course, as soon as it is ready, I will also link it down below in the description and pin it in the comment section. However, currently, you can go ahead and check out their Twitter, visit their telegram chat, as well which has 357 members, really active community people are integrating a lot, talking about the price speculations, really nice community, actually. If you want to meet me there, you can also join the chat.

Five Percent Tax on Buy and Sell

First of all, let me bring you some facts about the project itself. There is a five percent tax on buy and sell, so if you want to buy Akihiko, you can go ahead and buy it with Ethereum, and you need to apply about five percent to six percent of slippage. That’s the deal here because simply it requires that kind of slippage. You can also go ahead and visit Dextools directly, click the swap button, boom, just like that. It will pull up the balance for you, then you go with slippage, and you either use the auto or you set it to six percent. Then, after setting it up to six percent, it will basically, you will be able to swap right. So, whatever it shows you here, you just need to calculate this by ninety-four percent, and then you will get the actual amount. So, that’s one way to buy it, or simply use the Uniswap, whatever you are comfortable with.

Ownership Has Been Renounced

Then, there is ownership that has been renounced, so the contract is working on its own. As you guys can see, you can go ahead and check it out if you want, of course, fully verified, fully transparent, you can go and check all the transactions, check all the actions as well. Liquidity is locked for 90 days. You can also go ahead, check this out on on the team finance. As you guys can see, it is fully locked right there, 90 days countdown. Brand new project, as I said, they have an amazing community, literally like a cult community. The website will be live really soon. They will have the utility reveal on the website. So, this project is also working on a utility, and the team is also connected to some major product with products and projects.


Short video today, guys, just wanted to let you know that they are about to roll out their website, and that they just launched. As you can see from the chart, it is really performing well in my opinion. They are picking up some momentum. They are up 1138 percent in the last 24 hours, and the market cap is still at only $440,000, so it leaves a lot of price growth potential. Remember that on all-time high, they are also giving five Presperium, so people will definitely be buying to participate in the competition. So, I will link everything down below, guys, if you want to check it, and that’s it for me for today. Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope that you enjoyed, and I hope that you will check the Akihiko Inu out. The website will be also linked down below. That’s it. See you guys in the next videos coming out soon.

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