Discover the Essentials of Cryptocurrency: What Every Beginner Should Learn!

In this video, Ben of BitBoy Crypto discusses how to get started in the world of cryptocurrency for newcomers. He suggests using the 4-year cycle of bitcoin to predict price movement and highlights the importance of education by recommending BitLab Academy and his book “Catching Up to Crypto”. Ben also explains the importance of storing cryptocurrency in a hot or cold wallet rather than leaving it on an exchange, and recommends Coinbase as a good place to buy cryptocurrency in America. He touches on technical analysis, buy the rumor, sell the news strategy, and suggests subscribing to a reliable newsletter, such as, for market news and coin picks.

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto

My name is Ben and if you’re new to crypto, you’re not alone. The price going up means more people are coming in, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Getting into the world of crypto is predictable and straightforward. One of the best ways to get started is by checking out the resources listed below:

BitLab Academy

Visit to access our internal educational course. Our academy is constantly adding new courses and has its own channel managed by Kelly Kellam. Sign up and get started today.

Catching Up to Crypto Book

My book, Catching Up to Crypto, is a must-read if you’re new to the crypto space. If you’ve not been in crypto for two decades, then it’s time to educate yourself. Check out the audio book which is set to release soon, or pick up a physical copy of the book.

Where to Buy Crypto?

The best place to buy crypto in America is Coinbase. Despite some exchanges going insolvent recently, Coinbase remains a trusted platform to get started in the crypto space. However, it’s important to understand that once you buy crypto on any exchange, you should move it to a more secure wallet such as a hot or cold storage wallet. Two popular wallets include Trust Wallet and the Coinbase Wallet.

Understanding Technical Analysis

Technical analysis works in the crypto space. It can give you a slight edge on guessing where the price of Bitcoin is going, but it’s not foolproof. Technical analysis helps to identify patterns and human psychology within charts. You can make money through various means such as leverage trading or spot trading, but it’s important to buy in red and sell in green. One popular concept in crypto is to buy the rumor, sell the news. Our weekly newsletter, Crucial Crypto, offers paid subscriptions to help you pick the right coins to invest in.


If you’re new to crypto, don’t be intimidated. The space is predictable and straightforward. Check out the resources above to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to get going. Remember to always do your own research and make informed decisions when it comes to investing in crypto.

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