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The video talks about a new cryptocurrency project called 100 Days Venture, which launched 12-13 days ago. The project is an auto-staking protocol that aims to build businesses and a sustainable financial sector in the cryptocurrency industry by launching businesses and combining them with their ecosystem. The project has a lot of utility and is partnered with Little Orbit, a video game publisher, to use their native token, Astro, as a payment currency in their upcoming game. The video highlights the project’s security audit and potential for growth, with the current market cap at $6.13 million.

100 Days Venture: Building an Ecosystem for Businesses in Crypto


Welcome back everybody to a brand new cryptocurrency video! My name is Moonlight and thank you all so much for watching today’s video. Now before I get started here, you guys, if you are new to my channel make sure like always hit that subscribe button down below so you don’t miss any of my daily uploads. As well, don’t forget to leave a like reading on your way out if you do enjoy this video and let me know your thoughts and opinions down below in the comment section like always.

The Project and Ecosystem

Regarding today’s topic as well as the actual project and I should say ecosystem that I’m going to be talking about in today’s video, just with that being said you guys keep in mind for the Whatsapp scammers down below in the comments, you know they’re using my name and logo just know I will never DM you personally, never ask you to send me money or anything like that, especially on uh telegram and Whatsapp.

The project we’re going to be discussing today you guys is called 100 Days Venture, as you can see here. You guys can get to them by going to I’m going to make sure to leave all their links and social links down below in the description for you guys.

They are building an auto-staking protocol but that’s not just all they are you guys. They’re basically building businesses. They have a huge upcoming business launchpad that they’re going to be having and I should say that’s going to be geared towards their whole ecosystem as well launching businesses and combining them within their own project to kind of build a more sustaining I would say financial sector in crypto and kind of combine that with the real world as well with real businesses that aren’t or maybe not into crypto if that makes sense.

Token and Market Cap

The actual native utility token of the platform is called ASTRO. As you can see, the market cap is currently 6.13 million, and you know that’s kind of understandable considering we are literally in a bear market. They are taking rebasing mechanics and innovating on top of it to build an ecosystem that resurrects and builds businesses to bring the highest profitability to its investors through utility.

Utility for Token Holders

With that being said you guys, there’s a lot of utility for its actual holders which we’re gonna discuss kind of going move going forward in this actual project. They currently are security audited as well, and they have been securely audited by solidity finance.


Currently, they partnered with Little Orbit and this is what I mentioned at the very start of the video, you guys this was like a pre-launch that they did partnership and this was with little orbit and their upcoming web 3.0 game title ships that fight underground stfu and currently, 100 days venture is going to be using astro their native utility token that’s going to play a key role in stfu as well for a payment currency on there.

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