Discover the Electrifying Accomplishments and Upcoming Battle Royale of VOLT INU πŸ”₯

Vault Inu has been active over the last 11 months, adding Vault to various metaverses, marketing in different cities through billboards, buses, and events, and sponsoring athletes to increase visibility. The project has been listed on over 93 exchanges to make it more accessible to non-crypto users. They have also launched a deflationary DEX that automatically lists every ERC20 and BEP20 token. In addition to listings, Vault Inu has appeared in various publications like NASDAQ, Bloomberg, and Forbes. Besides these, Vault Inu has been busy with sponsorships, featuring on jerseys of a local children’s disability football team called the AFC Rangers in the UK. The project has also been listed on various travel platforms like Excel Trip, making it easier for Vault holders to use their coins.

Exciting Updates from Vault In You

Vault In You, the blockchain-based project that aims to bring inclusivity, accessibility, and transparency to finance has been making significant strides in the past 11 months. In this article, we’ll go over some exciting updates from the project that demonstrate its continuous growth, development, and popularity among the community.


To provide a brief recap, Vault In You has added its token to several metaverses, marketed in tons of cities around the world through buses, billboards, and events, and sponsored dozens of athletes from different sports to increase its visibility.


In terms of accessibility, Vault In You has increased its accessibility by listing on over 93 exchanges and making it available to every non-crypto user with several fiat on and off-ramps. Additionally, they’ve launched a product aimed at burning the whole space and bringing 100% proceeds back to Vault In You, such as the deflationary dex which automatically makes every ERC20 and BP20 token deflationary.


Vault In You has also been vying the mainstream finance with interviews and press releases, as evidenced by their appearances in Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Menzinga, Forbes, and Coin Telegraph. Such appearances demonstrate the project’s legitimacy and its potential to be a revolutionary force in finance.


In addition to increasing its accessibility and visibility, Vault In You has also been forging partnerships to reach out to different audiences. It has partnered with exchanges such as Cryptology, Jubi, MDX, Bitcom, Stacks, and Izumi, enabling it to reach more traders and investors worldwide.


Vault In You has also been expanding its utility, as evidenced by its partnership with Excel Trip. This enables Vault holders to book over 4.5 million hotels and 450 airlines worldwide on a blockchain-powered travel platform.

NFT Component

Finally, Vault In You has an NFT component, catering to Vault and NFT holders alike, further expanding its user base.

In conclusion, Vault In You has been making significant strides in terms of accessibility, marketing, partnerships, utility, and NFTs. It’s a project that’s truly pushing the boundaries of finance, and its continuous development and growth prove that the community stands firmly behind this project.

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