“Discover the Best Charitable Token Now Available for Presale: Doctor Monkey!”

Dr Monkey is a new project that is having its pre-sale on June 13th. It is a hyper-deflationary centralized buyback token built on the Binance Smart Chain. The project aims to make an impact on the world by contributing to charities, with the first donation going towards Living Essential Aid for children around the world. The team has completed audits and has a roadmap with phases dedicated to marketing, meme development, and credit card integration. The pre-sale will last for two days before the public sale on June 18th. Interested individuals can join the community and do their own research before participating.


Everyone, today I’m super excited to be talking about this next project called Dr. Monkey that’s actually having their pre-sale tomorrow, June 13th. So, I’m going to talk about everything going on with this project and how you guys can be involved but as always do your research for that.

Project Details

This project is for you so I’ll put a link in the description but here we are at doctormonkey.org lots of exciting things to talk about today. You guys are always looking for new projects to jump in early, so this is definitely one you guys should check out, I think it’s a great opportunity. Obviously, do your research on this, but I do think a lot of you guys will be excited about what’s to come so uh let’s talk a little bit about this kind of go over the white paper talk about their uh pre-sale and then of course we’ll jump into some of their socials for latest updates.

Token Information

So, um they have some YouTube videos where they kind of uh talk a little bit about what this is all about, they actually have their own YouTube channel that kind of walks you guys uh through some of the features but I’m gonna walk you guys through as much as I can and then we’ll talk about um you know why you guys jump at this project so here’s the info uh it’s Dr. Monkey the symbol is D Monkey it’s on the BEP 20 BEP 20 uh Binance Smart Chain so that’s Pancakeswap watching swapping BNB uh for D Monkey the total supply is a hundred million uh.


Let’s learn what this project is about, so it says hyper deflationary centralized buyback token a product that ends with the most known and most used cryptocurrency uh in the world and they got this cool uh intro kind of just hyping you guys up uh kind of talking a little bit about uh what they plan to do uh so definitely check it out if you guys are interested in this they talk about their mission uh contribute to charities uh and I think that’s an awesome thing, especially things that have to do with like children, they really want to make an impact on the world and I think for me uh that’s definitely a reason to jump in and be interested in a project.

Charitable Contributions

The first donation we use to save the children by Living essential aid to them all around the world obviously the world’s been kind of a crazy place so uh having a charitable community focused project uh that’s really focused on improving uh you know our lives all around the world I think that’s great so definitely check that out.

Audit and Security

Some of these obviously if you check out their chart because it is in pre-sale uh there’s not uh anything you can see there they’ve done their audit with uh desert desert uh dessert finance uh so I’ll put the link in the description so you guys can check this out.


If you really I think it’s good that um we do they do things like this to prove to you guys that they’re uh you know making sure that this project is even secure make sure that the audit uh is uh make sure that their code is audited correctly uh so they kind of went through here but the biggest things you need to know is they’ve completed all these parts and then there’s uh you know literally low or no risk i think that’s really great proving to you guys that they’re in this for a long run.


But let’s look at the road map again so they want to help out the world uh they want to give the charities uh they uh so let’s learn how they’re gonna do that so here’s the roadmap phase one marketing push website launch 3000 telegram members uh shilling contest seed sale so they didn’t have a seed sale that was 33 b b that was successful and now they’re really pushing towards the pre-sale uh first audit on dessert finance marketing push more members and then pre-sales 150 b and b and then phase three marketing meme development uh launch on pancake swap uh pushing a lot their marketing coin get market listing third-party audit and then they plan to do the first donation and then they plan to do other things like exchange listing more competitions keeping you guys engaged they also have credit card integration as well.


Here’s the taxes seven percent buy five percent marketing one cent buyback quarters, and charity and then sell is higher it’s actually double eleven percent marketing two percent buyback one percent charity and here’s why dr monkey.

Mission and Values

We created we are a meme coin to capitalize on the fun and organic growth that’s common in space uh then they’re relating to like how they want to be just as big as Dogecoin and some other projects but they really want to have a tight community that’s really helping others out obviously with charitability they also plan to do more things in the future like an NFC collection uh and I think that’s great more ways for people to get involved in the project so you guys want.


To learn how it’s distributed what the team’s best thing is like um but it looks like it’s vested over 10 months too so that you guys uh that they’re committed for this uh for the long run so if you guys are interested definitely check it out. They have some quite q a if you guys are interested in learning more about this they actually have a pretty in-depth uh white paper kind of just talking a little bit about their values their mission obviously about the token itself uh the distribution uh so the seed sale that happened on the first of June uh and ended on the third of June uh so that’s always over but these are the details you need to know for the pre-sale June 13th at 1300 UTC so figure out when that is and it’s gonna last for two days of June 15th uh, so definitely check it out um after that of course it’s the best place to uh you know get the lowest price uh before they go into public sale which is going to be on June 18th on Pancake Swap so they have some more information on here if you guys are interested uh they talk to you how you guys join the pre-sale I’ll put the description drmonkey.org/pre-sale find the pre-sale address send VNB uh and then check the process on the progress obviously do your research before this but again um I do think it’s a lot of things that They’re doing is definitely exciting I do think that with not a lot of projects launching, I think there’s a ton of people looking for new projects to jump on even though things are down Dr. Monkey is continuing to push and let you guys know they’re trying to make an impact uh so definitely check it out again here’s more information on it join the community if you guys are interested I think it’s a great way to see how people are feeling want to learn more about the projects development team is very active and wants to make sure You guys uh feel safe about what they’re doing now and doing in the future so definitely check it out uh they’ve done some videos with Jim Crypto I think he’s a great influencer if you guys check him out on youtube he’s done a video on them As well uh like and subscribe to his channel I think he is super excited about the pre-sale as well so let me know what you guys think about this.

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