Discover the Astonishing Bullish Potential of These 3 Altcoins – Unveiling the Cryptocurrency Gems of 2021!

The content discusses the current market conditions of Ethereum and Bitcoin. It mentions that Ethereum has reached $4,200, which is considered impressive. The author also mentions three coins with potential growth, including RSR, which has reached a key area of demand and has the potential to surpass previous highs. Technical analysis is provided for Bitcoin and Ethereum, with potential resistance levels and interest areas noted. The market as a whole is described as bullish, with some top gainers and losers highlighted. The author advises caution for potential pullbacks but expects further bullish momentum. The content also promotes a trading platform and a pro trader course.

Ethereum and Bitcoin Market Analysis

So the market’s crazy ethereum’s at four thousand two hundred dollars right now and that’s great to see and today we’ll be covering bitcoin and ethereum so don’t worry about that but also we’re taking a look at three coins that i think have huge huge potential that aren’t quite bullish right now but I think they will be very very soon so if that sounds good leave a like on the video subscribe to the channel with notification bell on and let’s get straight into it enjoy.

Market Overview

So we’re going to be looking at ethereum and bitcoin but before we do that let’s Take a look at the market as a whole including them. We’ve got bitcoin at 58 000 thereabouts we’ve got ethereum and honestly we need to talk about ethereum because we haven’t talked about it in a while but it just keeps on going up to hit four thousand two hundred dollars now Which is just insane really and we’ll be doing some analysis on that and uh where you could potentially get into it if you haven’t already gotten in but as you all know 3000 was a target for me 4 000 was a target for me and 5 000 is the next Target for me so uh you know it’s either gonna go there or maybe it’ll have a bit of a pullback but i’m still worried that a pullback might be coming soon so do just be wary of that.

Top Cryptocurrencies

So we’ve got binance coin at 665 dollars we got dogecoin at 50 cents. Now you know lots of people thought that with elon musk going on uh going on snl that was going to raise the price to a dollar or something and as we all know we all teach on this channel it’s always buy the rumor sell the news right whenever a news event actually happens Very often that is actually the when the price goes down not when the price goes up you want to buy it when the people are starting to talk about it so when people said oh elon musk is going on snl that’s when you want to buy it that’s When it was going up to 70 cent plus right but then once he actually went on there that is when everyone dumps it because they know the event is over so just remember that in the future guys if you know that an event is coming most likely the price Will increase running up to it but it will actually decrease on the day so just bear that in mind we’ve got cardano 1.75 which is great to see i think two dollars is definitely on the cards very very soon and uh there and so on so forth throughout the market everything is Looking quite green the top gainers of today we’ve got shiba inu which people are just going crazy over since it’s gone up fifteen hundred and sixty nine percent in the last seven days uh we’ve got ravine we’ve got telcoin stella all up good amounts and the biggest losers today Are bitcoin diamond one-inch exchange and ontology so all in all the market is looking very bullish in my opinion and i think we’re gonna just probably see more bullish momentum i haven’t seen any signs of things slowing down but as always things can’t go up in a Straight line forever so there may be a pullback at some point.

Bitcoin Analysis

So let’s take a look at bitcoin. Right now in terms of technical analysis i’ve shared with you this key level for the past few days now we haven’t touched it yet but in my opinion this is going to act as quite a heavy level of resistance and this is because it was the kind of last order block before we broke structure to the downside meaning there’s still a lot of cellular probably resting there so i would expect to see us push into this level at some point. And we’ll either have to break straight through it to get that momentum or we may actually see ourselves fall down maybe you know five ten percent or something before regaining and then breaking through it again so i’m still waiting for stuff to kind of get to that area. Apart from that There is a potential area of interest down here so maybe if price was default it might come back down to 54 000 or so before coming back up again and retaking and reclaiming the 60k area.

Ethereum Analysis

If you get onto ethereum on the other hand ethereum’s just crazy right now I mean it just keeps going up and up and up there’s no real key key levels but you can see there’s some clear support and resistance on this level here so i think if there is a major drop this could be a level to really watch around the three thousand four hundred dollar Zone uh but if you wanna go for those more aggressive entries you can see on the one hour uh we have some clear supply and demand levels with the order blocks here at 3920 and here at between basically four thousand and four thousand one hundred so we’ll probably See price respect that now that we’ve actually made a new high and hit that four thousand two hundred dollar region we may come back retest this level of around four thousand fifty or so and then push up again but uh like i said just be careful But i do think you know ethereum could very easily take 5k in the next month or so so that is ethereum and guys if you want to trade bitcoin ethereum you can use buybit uh there’s a link down in the description if you’re outside the uk You can get up to i think it’s a thousand dollars plus for free just by meeting the deposit criteria so check that out.

Coins with Potential

If you also want to see the pro trader course which we have going on right now you can get a hundred dollars off by using the Crypto busy at checkout uh this teaches you for six hours how we trade trading strategies and all the types of things that we talk about on these videos so definitely check that out if you’re interested now let’s get on to some coins that i i think really are Going to have a big big explosive future but right now a bit maybe being a little bit stagnant so the first one i’ll talk about is rsr now why do i think rsr is good well we talked about rsr for a long long time on the channel i think fundamentally it’s a Fantastic project and we’ve actually done a video i believe covering what it is what it does so you know by all means take a look at that if you do want to know all the in-depth details of it but today we’re going to be focusing on technical analysis there was A key area of demand here which we’ve reached and in my opinion we might actually just make our way up because we have a broken structure to the upside by pushing all the way up to i think it was about nine cents and now we are back down here re-testing this level I personally think anywhere around here is a decent entry uh about eight cents or so and i think this has huge huge potential to go way beyond where it’s been in the past right uh let’s take a look here so if we scroll all the way up we can see it’s Been as high as pretty much what 11.9 almost 12 cents so i think we could definitely find our way to push up there but if we’re using trend lines for example we could see there’s been quite a clear break and retest and yeah it looks very textbook and i do Think we probably will see some nice price action so rsr is the number one today they’re not in any kind of particular order but it’s the first one we’re talking about that i think has significant potential.

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