“Discover My Massive Investment Account with M1 Finance”

Investment YouTuber, Sam, has showcased his largest investment account on his channel, which is on the platform M1 Finance. He highlights the benefits of using the platform, including the option to borrow against portfolios with low interest rates, the ability to set reoccurring deposits, and drip investing. Sam also notes that M1 Finance is great for dollar-cost averaging, which allows investors to buy and hold and not overthink the market. He discloses his investments, which include Google, Tesla, Amazon, and Vanguard. Sam is not a financial advisor, but he recommends M1 Finance for its flexibility and ease of use.


How’s it going everyone, it’s Sam. Today, we are looking at my largest investment account on YouTube and just being in the space in general. Right, I’ve tried a lot of different accounts, but today I’m showing you my largest one so just to be clear, this is not everything I have in the market, this isn’t everything I have in stocks, but this is the platform that I have the most money on.

M1 Finance

The reason I’m actually bringing this to you is that M1 Finance sponsored this video, so they are a platform that I’ve been using for years, and they cater to a very specific type of investor that we’re going to be talking about. I will say there are a lot of benefits of using M1, and of course, it’s useful to have other platforms as well just because there are some drawbacks which we’ll talk about.

Portfolio Breakdown

Let’s look at my portfolios and what’s in my portfolios, but I also want to talk to you a lot about M1 Finance because again, they’re sponsoring the video, and it’s a great platform. This account has $231,600 in it. I love the fact that I have this amount in here for a few different reasons. First of all, they have something called M1 borrow, and this allows you to borrow against your different portfolios. You can invest or you could withdraw and then invest in something else like real estate, for example, at a 5% interest rate, which is lower than what my bank gives me.

Platform Benefits

This is where the majority of my money is because of the approach I’m taking in the market this year. Now, I will say there is a link underneath the video to M1 Finance in case you want to sign up and deposit a hundred dollars; you get ten dollars back, and it would help out the channel. This is a big reason why I use M1 Finance because it gives you flexibility.

One of the things that really stuck out to me is they have retirement accounts such as Roth IRA, and it’s great for dollar-cost averaging because it stops you from overthinking. It’s really easy to try to time the market because you just think you know, the market might fall another five percent, or something like that in a day, so it’s hard not to want to try to wait throughout the day to buy, and then things go up, and then you don’t buy. That’s why I just put it into M1 finance and have it automatically invest.

Portfolio Categories

My largest holding is Google, mostly because Tesla fell a lot recently just over the last month or so. But Google is my largest holding just slightly above $65,000. Tesla $63,000, Amazon $45,000, Vanguard VO just an index fund $19,430, Palantir about $7,000, Meta six thousand, Apple $2,500, and Microsoft about $2,000.


So, in conclusion, there are definitely some benefits to using M1 Finance, and it is a really easy way of making sure that you’re dollar cost averaging. If one position falls down great, then you can add more to it and just weigh it out in that way. An important thing to remember is that this is not financial advice; I’m not a financial advisor but that’s why I use M1 finance, and that’s what I’m doing with this portfolio. I’m just dollar cost averaging, and adding more money to this portfolio because I feel like we are at good valuations if you’re a long-term investor. Thank you for watching and happy investing.

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