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The founder of 100x Altcoin Gems and self-proclaimed superhero of cryptocurrency, known as Superman, has spoken out about the cryptocurrency market. He believes that a recession mixed with the “horrible realities” of a recession on retail investors could bring the market down to its lowest point yet, and that the Mount Gox Bitcoin sell-off likely to happen in August will cause significant damage to the market. Superman advises against buying cryptocurrency now, but says that if investors are interested, they should wait for bottom prices. He is waiting for certain price points and intends to be patient.

The Superman of Cryptocurrency: A Market Overview

Greetings, it’s the Superman from Team Supo HQ, the superhero of cryptocurrency, and founder of 100x Altcoin Gems. I’m bringing you this video because there’s not actually a lot to report in my opinion. There are people asking when the next live video will be, but my position remains pretty unchanged. Despite recent market activity, there’s going to be a ginormous grey cloud hovering over the market, which is likely to be the Mt. Gox Bitcoin that will be sold around August time. This is not even regarding what’s going to happen at the end of the month, with inflation figures coming out soon.

Market Analysis

The industry is experiencing clear skies with the recent lunar event, the Celsius event, and the three arrows’ capital event. However, in my opinion, the recession is going to be the major factor that will bring the market down. When a recession comes, Bitcoin is going to get decimated. In my personal opinion, the biggest and the darkest events are going to happen in the lowest prices that may appear during the recession. The trickling of selling of assets will lead to a ginormous sell-off overall, creating even lower prices. Hence, I’m waiting for all-time best prices.

Patient Investing Strategy

Everybody’s a guesser, and everybody’s playing the guessing game, but it ultimately boils down to patience. I’m not buying at today’s rates or even at 34-35 dollars for Solana. I’m waiting for all-time best prices for optimal profits. I believe that with this recession and the uncertainty of what’s to come, I will be able to achieve my target prices while investing in promising infrastructure and metaverse coins with incredible potential..


My opinion is that the market is not going to be safe until we’re rid of that cocktail of terrible elements that are coming towards us, which I don’t expect to happen until we’re on the other side of potentially the recession or at least towards the end of the financial troubles of the recession. It doesn’t make sense to make too many videos in this period since I expect it to be a long waiting game, which could be upwards of a year and a half. So, my advice is to make up your minds on the target prices you want, buy and execute at those prices and be patient with your investments.

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