Discover how this unconventional token can help you make profits during inflation!

In this video, a YouTuber named Alexandra introduces a cryptocurrency called IHC (Inflation Hedging Coin) and reviews its features. IHC is a solution to combat inflation as it burns itself annually from its total market capitalization at the US inflation rate to keep its store of value. Its token holders receive rewards, financial services like yield farming, and passive income streams. The video also covers IHC’s partnerships, exchanges, roadmap, and team members. The CEO, Gantig, is a well-known blockchain and cryptocurrency expert in Mongolia. IHC is fully audited by Cerik and has achieved significant success in terms of trading volume, customer numbers, and partnerships.

Reviewing IH Coin: An Interesting Project

Yo, what’s up YouTube, it’s Up by Alexandra’s guys and today I’m back with another video to review a really interesting coin project called IH Coin. Stay tuned as we take a closer look at its features and mechanisms.

Disclaimer and Subscription Reminder

Before we proceed with the review, let me remind you that I am not a financial advisor and you should always do your own research before investing. Also, if you’re not yet subscribed to my channel, hit the sub button, like, and bell icon so you won’t miss my next videos.

Investment and Exchange Availability

IH Coin is available in multiple exchanges, including PancakeSwap, BitMart, and others. If you’re more into centralized exchanges, you can go ahead and buy it from BitMart in the USD pair. The coin is also fully audited and available in various partnerships, making it a reliable investment option.

Hedge Against Inflation and Receive Rewards

The IH Coin project aims to address the silent killer that is inflation. The team implements an interesting mechanism that lets the coin add value as it burns itself annually from its total market capitalization at the US inflation rate. This ensures that its store of value remains high, allowing investors to hedge against inflation and receive rewards.

Token Mechanisms and Roadmap

The IH Coin token has a 5% transaction fee that accumulates and redistributes to all token holders, excluding the founders and team members. This redistribution mechanism incentivizes holding, bringing price stability to the volatile crypto market. Tokens held in the on-chain wallet application also receive financial services such as yield farming and lending, providing additional passive income streams.

The IH Coin team has a clear roadmap that includes partnerships, marketing, white papers, the launch of their esports tournament platform, and listing on other tier-one exchanges.

The IH Coin Team

The IH Coin project is helmed by Gantig, a well-known blockchain and cryptocurrency expert in Mongolia, and co-founder and CEO of IHPLC and Cryptocurrency Mongolia Group. The project has a credible team with diverse backgrounds and experience.


The IH Coin project presents an interesting mechanism to address inflation, making it a promising investment option with multiple exchange availability and partnerships. The team’s clear roadmap and diverse team members add more credibility to the project. To learn more about IH Coin, you may check their website or read their white paper for more information.

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