Discover How Bitboy and Richard Heart Discussed Billions in the EPIC Toronto Meetup

The video documents a cryptocurrency meetup led by YouTuber BitBoy Crypto in Canada. The YouTuber, Ben, welcomes attendees and acknowledges technical problems some had encountered getting to the venue. He introduces his team and discusses the growth of his business, and talks about how he cares about his viewers and their financial situation. The live audience appears playful and engaged, and Ben discusses future plans for the business. At the end of the video, Ben interviews cryptocurrency experts and commentators and talks about his weight loss and healthy eating.


Alright. Thank you! Let’s get this board going. Look at this. Sorry, boss. See, we’re not the only people who have technical difficulty problems trying to get on time.

Getting started

Alright, guys. Who’s psyched? Let’s get some energy! Whoooo! That’s right! Hello? – Oh! Very good. – That works. Welcome! Whoooo! – It’s working. – Yeah.

Nerves in front of crowds

Guys, I don’t really know how to do this. I do a live show, and there’s not people out there, so I get real nervous in front of crowds. So, yeah. You look good, Ben! I look good? Thank you! I got you!

First international crypto event

Yeah. Well, welcome to Canada! Welcome to Canada. How many guys are actually from Canada? Alright! Okay. Alright. Okay. Too many people here for me to make a moose or Mountie jokes. I’m going to leave that alone. This is my first international crypto event ever. So there you go.

Growing in the crypto world

As you guys know, over the last couple of years, as the channel has grown, we’ve grown in a lot of ways. You know, I’ve gone from being in my basement by myself to having 70 employees. We got 52 that work in-house, including– these are two of my less good looking employees, but I brought them anyways. – So. – That’s fair.

The Lazy Millionaires’ Club

I looked into people who I watched in 2017/2018. Most of those guys, I call the Lazy Millionaires’ Club because they got really rich, and they don’t make content all the time. It’s not a judgment towards them. Like, if you became a millionaire, would you keep working? You know? Depending on how much you had. Some people would. Some people wouldn’t. Some of those people, they like to keep their platforms. They like to still have an audience.

Genuinely caring for financial situations

But they just don’t seem to have the same passion for crypto than they did when they were, you know, coming up. We genuinely care about your financial situation. Like, when I hear people come tell me stories about, you know, they bought their first house, Or the one which we showed on the channel a couple weeks ago about the couple who, $300, they put into a coin turning to $10,000 over about a 2-year period. They used that to create a business that’s now a million dollar business. Off the $300. Where else can you do that? Where else can you do that? You’re not doing that with stock. You know? Crypto is the only thing that really allows people, in my opinion, these kinds of opportunities.

Meetup in Toronto

Well, it’s interesting because as I’m at the Futurist Conference, and I’m looking back in the past at the meetup, it was good. You know, I think the room size was good for the number of people at the conference. The number of people that came to this meetup. Like, a lot of people probably came just to do this meetup. We love our freaking community. They’re so awesome. They show up every single place. Every time, we stack the place. And, you know, they got great questions.

Passion for crypto

And, you know, it’s just– I’m deeply passionate. I love what I do. I love that people support what we do. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have a channel. People still wouldn’t be watching.


Hey, everybody! It’s BitBoy Crypto here. Home of the BitSquad! You may have noticed I lost a lot of weight and much more attractive than normal. That’s because I changed my diet. And the bear market makes us all hungry. It’s a lot of ramen. What’s up, man? How are you? Oh, oh! Well, thank you for having me on my own show. This is fantastic. I’m really excited about this…

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