“Discover how Adam Adler of Myntr is revolutionizing SMBs with NFT Solutions”

Adam Adler, Co-Founder and Creative of Minter, an NFT platform for businesses, spoke with Ashton Addison from Block West Capital for Investmentpitch Media on incorporating NFTs into business models. Adler emphasized that NFTs are more than just collectible assets and can tie in utility and provide value to a business’s end consumers. Minter works with small to medium-sized businesses, e-commerce businesses, athletes, musicians, startups, and restaurants. Adler advised companies to start with a crawl, walk, run approach, beginning with membership and loyalty programs, then progressing to unique options like generative collections and profile pictures. Minter offers solutions using different blockchains and makes it simple for non-crypto native consumers to purchase NFTs. He also noted that in the future, NFTs will be a commonplace part of our digital lives.

The CryptoCoin Show with Adam Adler


On the CryptoCoin Show, Ashton Addison from Block West Capital speaks with Adam Adler, co-founder and Creative of Minter, about how businesses can use the power of NFTs to gain more business and a competitive advantage. They discuss how Minter is working on various projects in NFT space, including membership and loyalty programs, and how small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from this technology.

The Importance of NFTs for Businesses

Minter caters to small and medium-sized businesses that are new to the NFT space and not familiar with how to harness its benefits. According to Adam Adler, businesses need to understand that an NFT is more than just a collectible asset. He believes that Minter can create programs for these businesses that tie in utility and provide actual value to their end consumers by turning their consumers into a community that is rooting for their brand.

Benefits to Consumers

Minter aims to create a program that not only provides value to businesses but also its consumers. These programs are tailored to each business’s specific needs and are attached to loyalty and membership programs. This creates a community of individuals that are part of the brand’s ecosystem, rooting for its success and growth.

Empowering Businesses

Minter works with various companies to help them understand how web3 and NFTs can broaden and expand their ecosystem. According to Adler, every business will eventually need NFTs in its digital wallet. For instance, NFTs can be used for tickets, medical records, banking, and many other things. Minter is working with businesses across different industries, including e-commerce, music, retail, and restaurants.

Catering to Different Sizes and Industries

Minter caters to different sizes and industries of businesses, starting with small and medium-sized businesses, to larger enterprises. They aim to take businesses where they are and provide solutions that are not too foreign to them. Solutions can be simple, such as attaching an NFT to a membership program, and then building up to more unique options, such as generative collections and profile pictures.

Choosing the Right Technology

The technology that runs NFTs comes in many different forms, such as blockchains and ethereum. Different protocols offer various functionalities and services that can benefit each industry. That said, Minter believes that businesses do not need to know about the underlying technology, and they try to make it as simple as possible. They use the polygon solution, which is native to their normal consumers and doesn’t require them to have any blockchain knowledge.

The Future of NFTs

With the rise of NFTs, there has been a growing number of marketplaces selling them, such as OpenSea for Ethereum and others for different blockchains. Minter believes that NFTs will eventually become part of our daily lives, much like a website is to businesses today. Every business, regardless of industry, will eventually need to have NFTs in their digital wallets. Minter is excited to play a significant role in that transition by working with businesses and helping them understand NFTs and how they can benefit from them.


The rise of NFTs has revolutionized how businesses can interact with their consumers and provide them with unique value through membership and loyalty programs. The team at Minter is excited to help businesses navigate these changes and become a leader in the NFT space.

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