Discover Dexpanse: The Platform that Rewards Creators and Investors with Multi-chain Tools and Services! is a new blockchain platform offering a range of services to developers, including pre-sale services and investing options. They also have a token builder with custom titano forks and are launching a burner with proof of burn. The platform has an engagement system that rewards users for taking part in pre-sales, referring new projects, and using the services on offer. The utility token, singularity, will launch in June. The company is committed to the project and has an extensive roadmap, showing its worth to the crypto community. They offer their services without taking any token fees.

New Platform Offering Blockchain Services to Developers


Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular among developers due to its decentralized and secure nature. However, creating a project from scratch can be a daunting and challenging task. That’s where platforms such as come in! In this article, we will explore the services offered by the dexpands platform, their ongoing giveaway, roadmap, and socials, and how you can get involved.

Engage to Earn Multi-Chain Tools and Services

The dexpands platform offers a wide range of multi-chain tools and services to developers, including pre-sale services, fully automated private sale service, token locker investing options, and coming soon as a burner with proof of burn, and token builder with custom titano forks. With these tools, developers can easily create and launch their own blockchain project without having to start from scratch.

Benefits for Developers

The services offered by dexpands are available at a fixed price, making it accessible to all developers who want to kickstart their blockchain project. Additionally, dexpands offers a professional team to assist developers in creating and launching a successful project. Furthermore, dexpands offers rewards for all sorts of actions on their platform, making it more engaging for developers.

Utility Token

Dexpands has its own utility token, called Singularity, offering various use cases, including pre-sale access, game-related rewards, pre-sales services discounts, and exclusive airdrops. The singularity token’s pre-sale information is yet to be announced and is launching this June 2021.

Engagement System

The engagement system by dexpands allows developers to collect engagement points for all sorts of actions on their platform. The engagement points help developers progress through tiers, whereby they can earn rewards and perks such as exclusive airdrops and BNB monthly.


Dexpands is a legitimate company with a commitment to offering more and more services to the blockchain community. With an extensive roadmap and strategic partnerships, it’s safe to say that dexpands is setting itself up for great success. Developers seeking to launch a blockchain project can benefit from the services offered by dexpands, with Singularity’s utility token adding extra value to the platform. So why not check out today and see how you can get involved!

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