“Discover Cairo Finance: Earn 365% by Taking Cairo – The Revolutionary Deflationary Yield Aggregator!”

The video discusses Cairo Finance, a deflationary yield aggregator. It explores the opportunities presented by the project, including profit and interest, as well as its upcoming listing on Pancake Swap. The video provides a walkthrough of the Cairo Finance website and white paper, explaining how it differs from other yield aggregators and the benefits it offers. The project is community-owned, decentralized, and scalable, built on the Binance Smart Chain. It offers an easy way to auto compound returns through a simple onboarding process and a range of different pools, making investing more straightforward and accessible. The token has a total supply of 100 million, with a variety of distribution and staking rewards. Finally, the video discusses Cairo’s transaction fees and liquidity system, as well as the constant buy side pressure created by buybacks.


Greetings, it’s Pablo here and welcome to another brand new video! Today, we are going to discuss Cairo Finance, which is a deflationary yield aggregator. In this video, we will learn about this project, the opportunities it presents, as well as their upcoming listing on Pancake Swap.

Cairo Finance

Let’s start by looking at the official website of Cairo Finance for more information. Cairo Finance is the first-ever deflationary yield aggregator, focused on safety and auto-compounding crypto assets for the best APY through the Binance Smart Chain. This project provides users with an easy way to automatically compound the returns of their investments made through the Binance Smart Chain network. Cairo Finance is community-owned, decentralized, and has no managers or admins and offers fast, secure transactions at a low cost.

Cairo Finance Token Listing on Pancake Swap

One of the most significant things to highlight in this video is the listing of Cairo Finance’s token on Pancake Swap, which will be on 20th of June at 8 PM. This provides us with ample time to investigate and do our due diligence on the project.

Opportunities for Making Profit and Interest

Investment opportunities and interest rates are a significant appeal of projects like Cairo Finance. Yield aggregators provide access to multiple options in a single location, allowing for comparison and informed decision making. You can choose between different pools, compare their APYs, the amount of investment required to get solid returns, and more. Cairo Finance provides an onboarding process that is simple and straightforward, allowing you to invest with ease.

Cairo Finance Tokenomics

The tokenomics of Cairo Finance are designed to be fair and transparent, with a total token supply of 100 million. The token distribution includes 1.25% for privacy, 2.22% for pre-sale, 30% for decentralized exchange, and 10% for centralized listings. The remaining 51.52% is for staking rewards, which is vested, making it more secure. Cairo Finance has been evaluated by third-party experts to ensure that the project is safe.

Transaction Fees and Auto Liquidity System

Cairo Finance has constant buy-side pressure of up to 50% of all featured on Cara, which are used to buy back in the career token, creating a buy-side pressure that benefits all token holders. The transaction fees for buying and selling tokens are the same, at 12%. Additionally, Cairo Finance generates its own liquidity, providing stability and an increasing price floor.

The Cairo Maximixer

The Cairo Maximixer is where smart investors can stake their Cairo and earn even more Cairo, with a maximum of 365% yearly. It is important to act fast, as only a maximum of 52% of all tokens can be staked at any given time.


Cairo Finance is an exciting project that provides users with an easy way to automatically compound the returns of their investments made through the Binance Smart Chain network. With the upcoming listing on Pancake Swap, there is an opportunity for investment, and the tokenomics have been designed with fairness and transparency in mind. The Cairo Maximixer is also a great opportunity for smart investors to make even more Cairo. As with any investment, caution is advised. This is not investment or financial advice.

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