Discover Bunny AI: An Incredibly Complete AI Ecosystem with Revenue Share and So Much More! You Won’t Want to Miss It!

Crypto Brick recommends an AI-centered, low-cap gem with multiple utilities that identify the best trading opportunities in the market — Bunny AI Trading Apps. The project boasts of a strong community that supports the team and its marketing campaign. The smart investor tools assist in AI data analysis, trend history news alerts, security algorithms, and risk management. The wallet monitoring function identifies red flags and suspicious wall behaviors to keep users safe. While the sold-out founder NFT limited edition is available on Open C, there is a revenue sharing piece available, and an affiliate program in the works.


What’s going on everybody, how’s it going crypto brick here and I hope you’re ready because today I have a very exciting low-cap gem that could absolutely be exploding here very very soon.

The AI Craze:

I love what I’m seeing here. The AI craze is going wild people are Loving these things and when you start seeing communities strong and you start seeing teams delivering and you start seeing the niche markets pumping those are the things you got to look for in this type of crypto market and that’s what I’m trying to bring you here today.

An AI-Centered Project:

This one here is an AI centered project with a whole bunch of absolutely phenomenal utility. Okay, there’s a lot of things I really like about this project. Number one thing is the community is Loud proud and really attacking everything the team is delivering on the utilities step after step and their marketing is really starting to come together.

The Entry Point:

Another thing I really like right now is the entry. They had some decent pumpage over the weekend and now you’re starting to see a decent entry point here so this is perfect timing for me to make this video get you to be able to do your research and see if this is one you want to jump in on from what I’m seeing this is a solid a solid opportunity and I wanted To make sure I brought it to you.

Bunny AI Trading Apps:

These guys here are giving you in a way to identify the best trading opportunities with the bunny AI trading apps plural not just one utility not just one little telegram bot or anything like that that you see so many times in This AI space. These guys are delivering multiple things which we’ll jump into in just a little bit but these guys got some AI data analysis.

The Youth Contract:

Here’s the youth contract you can jump on uh over there on on uh ether scan right you can click it on on Dex tools as well you can see they have 341 current holders right now the distribution is pretty dang solid as well right so if you take a look at some pretty solid distribution there no crazy you know 10 whale wallets or anything like that which is always solid to see contracts fully verified or and fully audited and all that okay so very important in addition to that the team is actually kyc’d as well so that they went through Tech Audit for kyc so there’s a lot of a lot of good that you’re seeing uh with this team.

Market Analysis:

The market analysis is pretty sick right never buy high and sell low again oh my goodness if I’m not a you know I’ve been doing this for a Long time but I still end up doing that from time to time right it’s it’s hard not to foam away to buy those green candles so the AI will actually analyze the best potential trades for you I’ll give you powerful data and make sure that your decisions have some data to back them up uh helps you with risk management by managing and evaluating eliminate the potential risks uh it’s actually going to be performing performing audits on the contracts that you want to make sure that they’re nice and safe it’s also going to identify the red flags the suspicious wall of Behaviors on buys and sells to keep you safe from those weird farming devs out there that you know use multiple walls to try to pump and dump on everybody so that’s pretty cool in addition to that whale watching uh no I’m not talking about getting on a boat and going out Into the middle of the ocean but we all know those wallets right those walls that just seem to know what to look for and are always finding things just a little bit earlier than everybody else well this is going to help you track those wallets send you alerts when They’re making their their early buys on something so that way maybe you can you know kind of follow their Trend and be ahead of the curve as well they got some cool trade analysis here that help track all your buys and charge in one place awesome token analysis information right AI Consulting.


Let’s get to the fun. Look at this they have an amazing looking NFT the mint sold out right now but you can buy them on open C so you can still get them on Open C right now limited 100 Edition founder NFT drop you can see the floor price Right now is half an eighth all right total volume this these things just got listed they sold out I think yesterday if I remember correctly in the yesterday the day before so just recently sold out and again when you start really looking into to projects and doing your research it’s important to look at everything so I came over to their Twitter and was poking around right I like to see on the Project’s Twitter are they getting interactions from their Community are they doing all these things not only that but they’re very active on their Twitter they have good graphics on their posts so they have some sort of you know graphic designer and things like that on on the team and they really are helping people.


The taxes on it five percent buy ten percent sell right they really want to make sure people are holding this token uh 25 of the subscription fee will be distributed to the bud AI token In NFT holders okay so there’s actually a revenue sharing a piece to this for the holders so you’re going to be able to earn passively as the the subscription fees for the dapps start getting collected and owning a a Founder nft will get you one percent of the Founder nft E3 Ward pool okay because there’s a hundred of them one percent so that’s something to keep your eye on as well and then there’s going to be an affiliate program released sooner they’re going to earn 10 of of referrals uh for buyers of the token or the DAP Subscription fees as well so that will be really cool um and then Bond AI will consist of the reward active members of the community Through contests by you know big buy bots uh big buyer alerts and contests and Twitter Shield contests and all that stuff but there’s definitely absolutely A lot of things that you’re going to want to come over here and check out I really really like what I see now it’s up to you right now it’s up to you to come over here do your due diligence do your your research and see if Buddy AI Is right for you I love it I think you’ll love it as well so get on over there check it out join me in their community and let’s see where we can take this thing together.

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