Discover AiPad: The Game-Changing Launchpad Introducing Top-Notch Artificial Intelligence Projects in Crypto

The Crypto Gangster Channel has reviewed AI Pad, which is focused on revolutionizing launch pads. The launchpad is completely AI-focused and accessible for everyone. By completing the viral sweep form, one can get whitelisted for this incredible opportunity. The AI on the website answers all doubts about AI Pad, and it will be listed on pancake swap, uniswap, along with other centralized exchanges yet to be announced. The team is committed to driving responsible and ethical practices, fostering collaboration and innovation, and ensuring that AI benefits humanity. The incorporation of AI in blockchain tech will help in the growth of an organization more efficiently.

Introducing AI Pad

Are you interested in the latest developments in the crypto world? Then the Crypto Gangster Channel on YouTube is your go-to source to stay up-to-date on exciting projects in the industry! In this episode, we’re taking a closer look at AI Pad, a revolutionary platform focused on artificial intelligence.

Investing Disclaimer

Firstly, the Crypto Gangster is quick to remind viewers that nothing in this content should be considered financial advice. Always do your own research and invest only what you are willing to lose.

What is AI Pad?

So what exactly is AI Pad? AI Pad is a launchpad dedicated to making AI accessible and impactful for everyone. Its founders, Loser Labs, are success-proven incubators of similar platforms like BSC pad, IF Pad, NFT launchpad, Autopad, Villa’s Gamezone, Pulse Pad, Meta Vpad, and Poly Pad.

A Revolutionary AI-Powered Launchpad

What sets AI Pad apart from other crypto projects is its AI-powered system. Users can ask it questions, such as “what is the best rip though coin,” and receive relevant and reliable answers. We no longer need to scour through countless websites looking for information. Instead, AI Pad’s system provides users with all the answers to their questions.

Getting Whitelisted

To access Av Pad’s exciting journey, users must complete the viral sweep form to get whitelisted. Once whitelisted, you can provide a token address for the platform’s tokens, which will be available shortly.


The public price of a single token is 0.02 dollars or two cents, with a maximum supply of 200 million tokens. The team, advisors, liquidity, ecosystem, and reserve all receive a percentage of the tokens.

The Leaderboard

The leaderboard incentivizes users to maintain their tokens for a premium determined by the duration. Users can check their tier on the leaderboard, calculate their leaderboard score by adding to their selected balance, and register with KYC for positions.

The incorporation of AI technology in the future

The incorporation of AI technology in the crypto world will help organizations achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. AI solutions can boost the deployment of blockchain apps, predict cybersecurity breaches, and manage and store a lot of data securely.

A Fascinating Find!

In conclusion, AI Pad is a fascinating find in the crypto world. Its AI-powered platform and viral sweep form to get whitelisted make it stand out from the competition. With an exciting future ahead, you can’t go wrong with investing in AI Pad.

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