Did Jerome Powell deceive the public?

Jerome Powell, the chair of the Federal Reserve, has been accused of lying about the strength of the banking sector after several smaller banks went bankrupt following his comments. Powell claimed that the banking sector had improved since March, but within hours, several banks had reported a sharp drop in their deposits and share prices, leading to accusations that Powell had misled the public. With confidence in smaller banks waning, many savers are withdrawing their money from those banks and placing it with larger institutions, leading to predictions of a wave of bank consolidation.

Jerome Powell: Did He Lie About the Banking Sector?

Jerome Powell, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, has been praised for his efforts in reducing inflation and increasing interest rates gradually. However, recent events have raised doubts about his credibility. In a recent speech, he commented on the banking sector, stating that it had improved since March, and he believed that the worst was behind us. He then proceeded to increase the interest rate by 25 basis points after the market closed.

However, within hours of his speech, some banks collapsed, leading to a decrease in deposits. People began to withdraw their money, and big banks benefited from this situation. Small and medium-sized banks struggled to survive, and some had to be bailed out by bigger banks like JP Morgan.

This situation raises many questions about Jerome Powell’s honesty and integrity. Did he know about the banks collapsing and still make a false statement about the banking sector’s strength?

The Fallout: Bank Stocks and Cryptocurrency

The fallout from these events was that bank stocks continued to collapse, with Western Alliance down by 35%. This situation is good for cryptocurrency, and the price of Bitcoin started to move up.

However, people who invest in cryptocurrency should be careful and protect themselves by using cold storage and getting a VPN. The situation could become more volatile, and they could lose everything if they are not vigilant.


In conclusion, Jerome Powell’s false statement about the banking sector’s strength has led to the collapse of some banks and a decrease in deposits. This situation is good for cryptocurrency, but people should still be careful and protect themselves. Let us know your thoughts on this situation and Jerome Powell’s credibility. Hit the subscribe and Bell notification buttons to see more of our videos.

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