Did Dfinity ICP pull off the biggest rug in history?

The author debunks claims that the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) project has been abandoned by its leadership team by highlighting that key members, such as founder Dominic Williams, are actively addressing the community on Twitter, and Gehan Bolshner and Josh Drake are still council members and chief operating officer of Dfinity, respectively. The author also notes that the ICP team is actively hiring and invites readers to check their social media accounts to verify their involvement in the project. The author criticizes those who make assumptions without researching the project and compares ICP’s price crash to Cardano’s experience, stating that research is key to investment decisions.

ICP Team: Abandoned or Legit Project?

The world of cryptocurrencies is often marked by volatility and dramatic price movements, and the recent crash of the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) has left many investors scratching their heads. While some believe this is the result of a rug pull or scam, others argue that it is simply a bump in the road for a legitimate project.

However, there are those who have gone so far as to claim that the entire ICP team has abandoned the project, leading to poor risk management and spreading lies. But is this really the case?

The ICP team is made up of over 215 people across four different research facilities, as can be seen on their website. And contrary to rumors, the core leadership team is still intact. Dominic Williams, the founder of Dfinity, which is behind ICP, is still actively addressing the community on Twitter.

And what about the rest of the leadership team? Gehan Bolshner, for instance, is still a council member of Dfinity and is currently working at Origin, a huge startup within the Dfinity ecosystem. Josh Drake, the chief operating officer of Dfinity, has also not left the project.

It is clear from this information that the ICP team is still present and working hard on the project. In fact, they are currently hiring people as well, which is an indication of a robust team with a long-term vision.

So why did ICP crash so dramatically? Some point to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market and compare it to other well-known projects such as Cardano, which experienced a similar crash but eventually went on to see huge gains.

In the end, it is up to each investor to decide whether or not they believe in the long-term potential of ICP. However, it is important to base these decisions on facts and not rumors or misinformation.

In conclusion, rather than believing baseless claims that the entire ICP team has abandoned the project, it is crucial to look at the facts. The ICP team is still intact and working hard, and while the recent price crash may have been alarming, it is not necessarily an indication of a scam or rug pull. As with any investment, conduct your own research and make informed decisions based on factual information.

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