Curious about the size of this crypto that I recently bought?

In this content, Sam discusses a smaller cryptocurrency called King Finance that he is considering investing in before the next bull market. He provides an update that he has bought some of it and shares his thoughts, risks, and rewards with his patreon members. Sam also mentions the current happenings in the crypto market, such as Bitcoin’s daily transaction record and the rise of meme coins. He introduces King Finance as a parent company that develops innovative services in decentralized finance. King Finance offers a metaverse game called King Floki, wearables, a membership program called King’s Pass, and a launch pad for other cryptocurrencies called King Pad. Sam highlights the background and potential of King Finance, mentioning its partnerships with big accounts and its small market cap. He suggests keeping an eye on it for the next bull run.


How’s it going everyone? It’s Sam from time to time. I talk to you about some smaller cryptos that I am keeping an eye on and looking to possibly invest into in the next bull market and right before the next bull market. Now, the crypto that I want to talk to you about here today is one that I am putting on my watch list. I’m actually trying to do some transfers now so that I can buy some of the tokens as we speak because I think there is opportunity in it. I think that it could do quite well.

Update: I Bought Some

A little update, I did end up buying some of it. It took a little bit of time, but I bought some of it and I told my Patreon members exactly what I thought of it and some of the risks are and rewards too. I’m gonna talk to you about it and you can make your own decision. I’ll leave links to this underneath the video because it is a partner of the channel. But right now in crypto, we are seeing so many crazy things like Bitcoin setting a new record for daily transactions in a bear market, which is just nuts. We’re seeing U.S banks collapse, bringing more people I think into crypto, putting their eyes on crypto meme coins now hit Top 100 ones that weren’t even around a month ago like Pepe. And we’re seeing new countries unveiled that they have been investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and mining them for years. So, there’s so much happening right now. I think there is a lot of opportunity going into the next bull run. Keep in mind, I’ve been very clear that I have really just been buying Bitcoin, but I have said in some of my top cryptos to buy videos that there is going to be a time to invest into cryptocurrencies that are very small market caps that are high risk because they are small and new. But going into the next bull market, they can make good returns. And you know we’ve seen that already with Pepe, up what, two thousand percent in the last two weeks. The one that I want to talk to you about today is King Finance.

About King Finance

Now, like I said, partner of the channel. Links to it underneath the video. Crowning DeFi, King is the parent company in charge of the development of three of the most innovative services in decentralized finance. Our ecosystem is based on our internal circular economy where our branches feed each other continuously in an imbalanced way throughout the individual generation of funds. Immerse yourself in King’s pad or Kingpad, Kingland, and King of Floki. They give links to all these underneath.

The Team

Now, first of all, I think we should know who’s behind this. So, they have their main Twitter account here, they also have the Twitter account of some of their workers, some of the people that work at their company. And the CEO and co-founder is this account here, Travel Ad Crypto. Now, they’re a Binance affiliate and a crypto project advisor for years here and they have 386,000 followers. Take a look at some of the people that follow them, Everscale, Massive Crypto Company, Minima Leo Trades, one of the top gaming crypto YouTubers out there, and one of the best creators in the space, CZ at Binance, that Martini Guy, and Miles the Shooter. So, some really big accounts follow him along with hundreds of thousands of other people. That is always a good sign, I think, when you’re looking at a small cryptocurrency. It’s who’s behind it. Is it someone that has had success in the past and is putting their name behind it? Well, great. Then you’re starting off on the right foot. This is their official account followed by Leo Trades. That doesn’t necessarily mean a lot just off the bat, but when you look at what they’re doing, I think it does show that they are a company that has a lot of potential on their crypto that has lots of potential.

King Floki

They said the launchpad demand is so huge now. On May 1st, our metaverse goes live with controller integration and multiplayer integration to meet Web 2.3 friends. We’re also starting a marketing push, hence me making this video on May 1st. You still have a chance to be in early. Now let’s go through what this means. What does this company do exactly? They say there are three different companies here: King Floki, Kingland, and Kingpad. Let’s go through each one. So, this is King Floki. This is basically a kind of a metaverse game that they have, and they have some lore behind it as well, who King Floki is. But this is a creative metaverse built in WebGL, born to improve people’s accessibility and gaming experience. So, you can actually play the demo already, and I played it here for a little bit. They also have a game that’s inside the game that’s very similar to a game that’s really popular today. I’ll show the gaming at the end of the video. I’ll tack on to the end. But they have a game already working within this metaverse, which is cool. They also have these wearables where you can get these NFTs, mix and match. They have different rarities like a lot of these, and you can sell them on OpenSea. You can evolve your NFTs with Potions as well. You can also get something called a King’s Pass, which is helping to kind of wrap the ecosystem together. It gives you exclusive benefits like dedicated promos and services, reserved NFT drops, whitelist on King’s pad. So, that’s another part of their business, 60% off taxes on King token when you buy and sell, and private chairman reunions along with King’s Land exclusivity, which is coming soon. So, this is basically just a way to get extra benefits inside their ecosystem, and there’s a monthly fee for it.

King Land

Then they have King Land as well, which is coming soon, probably some big land sale.

King Pad

And then, Kingpad. So, Kingpad is basically a launchpad for different cryptos. They already have two cryptos that have been in this, Onyx and Cradle of Sins. Both have raised significant amounts of money, 75 each, and then 1800 BNB. So, that’s no small feat. And they were some of the first cryptos that have launched on them. They also go through some of their competitive advantages, basically saying that they are going for quality over quantity for a variety of reasons. But it basically keeps people happy and it also keeps their reputation in a good light. You can go through this more if you want. You can join their Discord underneath the video, you can join their Telegram, that kind of thing.

Token Information

The token itself is only available on PancakeSwap as of now, but you can see here it’s a pretty small cryptocurrency market cap, two million dollars. Fully diluted valuation is five million, so it is quite small. They’re just really starting the marketing push and it is a newer company as well. King’s Finance has been around since November 2021, but the metaverse is new. I think the reason to hold King token is new as well. You can see it just got added to CoinGecko this spring in February. So, it is a really young crypto, and they are audited by Sir Tech as well. They’re in the top 15 percentile in terms of security score. So, you can read more about this underneath the video. I pay attention, at least put this on your watch list for the next bull run. I’m not telling you to buy anything or to sell anything in this video, just keep in…

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