Crypto YouTuber BitBoy Causes Arrest Scare with Clawback Blowback

BitBoy Crypto’s Ben made waves in New York City by visiting NovaWulf Digital, which put millions into backing Celsius plan, to get answers on behalf of Celsius creditors. When he arrived, the lady who opened the door said that there was no one from NovaWulf Digital there, but two employees shortly arrived, threatened to call the police on him, and asked him to go inside the office without recording. Ben had a productive conversation with the executive team of NovaWulf Digital, who said they were listening and paying attention to the situation of retail clawbacks. Ben also visited White & Case LLP in the Avenues of America building.

Introduction: BitBoy Crypto Takes on New York City

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto, where cryptocurrency and blockchain technology come to life. I’m Ben, and I’m here to give you the latest news and insights on this exciting space.

A Big Shout-Out to the BitSquad

First and foremost, a big shout-out to the BitSquad. You guys showed up in New York City, and we had a ton of people down there at the event tonight for the book signing. Love you, guys.

A Night of Fun and Intrigue

Tonight was a night of fun and intrigue, but also some serious business. We had the chance to hang out with Corey Costa’s Crypto, Miss Teen Crypto, and many other cool people. We also had a lot of fun at the event.

A Sketchy Encounter

But it wasn’t all fun and games. We also ran into some problems today. I decided to pay a visit to NovaWulf Digital, a company that put a lot of money into backing the Celsius plan. Their bid was chosen to take over the company, but there were some suspicious things around why their bid was chosen.

A Tense Conversation

When I arrived at NovaWulf Digital, I put my face in the camera and rang the doorbell. A distraught woman answered and said that she just worked there and answered phones. She lied. Two people came about from around the corner that work for NovaWulf Digital. It was very intense there for a few minutes, but I was there on behalf of Celsius creditors and I wanted answers.

The Importance of Handling Things Correctly

The situation with Celsius is serious. There are people that have lost everything, and there are people that didn’t lose everything that took money off the exchange. With these retail clawbacks, they are going to potentially lose everything. People are talking about suicide, and they don’t know what to do. They’re scared, they’re terrified.

Pushing for Answer and Solutions

I had a really good call with a guy from NovaWulf Digital, and we discussed what is at stake. They say they’re listening, and that they can’t answer everything on Monday night in one hour and a half town hall, or whatever it is they’re doing, but they’re listening and they’re paying attention. I think that, you know, one thing to think about in this deal is, you know, this deal is not completely done yet. There could be some leverage that they have to make this happen. And I think everyone in the Celsius community would agree that if they can help put pressure on the UCC and on the law firm to prevent these retail clawbacks, they’re going to actually be seen as heroes.

The Right Thing to Do

If they’re able to do the right thing here with their limited power but their massive amount of influence and presence here, there could be hope for them, for a new Celsius company. If they’re able to reverse course and go against all of the wishes of the previous administration, if you will, of Celsius, they could come off as bad actors and that could actually salvage this entire thing. And I think they understand what’s at stake there.

A Visit to White & Case

After our discussion with NovaWulf, we decided to pay a visit to White & Case LLP, one of the law firms involved in the Celsius case. But that story will have to wait for another day.

Conclusion: Holding Those Responsible Accountable

It was an eventful day, to say the least. We’re going to keep pushing for answers and solutions to ensure that those responsible are held accountable. Stay tuned for more updates from BitBoy Crypto.

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