Crypto Community Rejoices as XRP Witnesses a Massive Pump after Long Awaited Arrival!

Bitboy Crypto is a crypto community that delivers daily live shows on blockchain-related topics at 5:02 pm EST. On this particular show, the market watch is looking good, with Bitcoin at $46,270 and Ethereum at $3,200. There are also a few gainers in the market, such as IOTX, XRP, and Matic. The show’s guests include Crypto Wendy, who discusses new NFTs she has acquired, and Arcane Bear, who is visiting a museum in Europe. The show also touches on major events in the crypto industry, such as AMC adding bitcoin purchases and Ghana adding a CBDC.

Welcome to Bitboy Crypto: Home of the Bit Squad, the Largest and Greatest Crypto Community in All of the Interwebs

In the whole solar system, in fact, this is Around the Blockchain. We come to you every day at 502 pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday, and today’s show was no different. We had some fantastic guests today, and we’re going to get right into it.

H2: The Guests

First, we welcomed Crypto Wendy, who is ready to show off some new NFTs. She’s been jumping into the NFT gang and is loving it.

Next up was Arcane Bear, who came to us from a beautiful museum in Europe. We loved his setup.

Of course, we couldn’t forget our favorite twin, Austin from Altcoin Daily. He likes Goosebumps and is clearly the best of the two.

And finally, it was Ben Armstrong, who talked about his love for Goosebumps and his children’s need to read more books.

H2: Topics of Discussion

We had some great topics today, starting with AMC adding Bitcoin purchases by the end of the year. We also talked about Ghana adding a CBDC and whether XRP will make or break the bull market.

But first, let’s get right into the market watch. Bitcoin is at $46,000.270, Ethereum is holding strong at $3,200, and we’ve seen some good gainers for the day.

H2: Crypto Wendy’s Bitcoin Charts

Crypto Wendy analyzed the Bitcoin charts and shares that the market is looking really good. She believes that we will continue to climb and that we won’t see a major correction until we start to get closer to the $50,000 area.

H2: AMC’s Addition of Bitcoin Purchases

AMC’s CEO, Adam Aaron, said during a quarterly call earlier this week that they plan on adding Bitcoin purchases by the end of the year. This means that consumers can buy movie tickets, popcorn, and soda in Bitcoin.

H2: Tap into the Community

As an average retail investor, Altcoin Daily believes that AMC is tapping into the community and getting that viral load. He thinks that they are going for the viral virality that came with the Gamestop, Wall Street Bats, and AMC for a while. They aim to tap into that community, and that’s where the fundamental community taps in.

H2: Meme Stock Craze

We also discussed the meme stock craze, where we saw at AMC and Gamestop, it seemed like we were playing by our own rules, but we were just playing by the system. We talked about the possible short squeeze and how it could be enacted.

In conclusion, this episode of Bitboy Crypto’s Around the Blockchain was full of excellent insights on the crypto market and the latest news in the industry. From AMC’s addition of Bitcoin purchases to the meme stock craze, the guests had different opinions, but everyone agreed that the market is looking good and strong. As the Bit Squad continues to grow, it’s exciting to see what’s next for the crypto community.

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